the mesmerizing fire


The advertisement had said there would be plenty of wood for the fireplace and there was.  It stacked neatly on the small patio, taking over the space entirely.  All we had to do was crack open the slider and bring in the few logs we needed to replenish the stash inside.

It became a rotating game for a few nights while we lounged in our snow covered hideaway.  A few logs would be burning wonderfully warm in the fire box.  When they disappeared to glowing orange coals we would replace them with the logs that had been drying in front of the open flames and those, in turn, would be replaced by a new batch of logs pulled in from the patio.

Round and round we went, from sitting to stoking to gathering to sitting again.  The long hours of darkness in the cozy room passed quickly.  They always pass too quickly.  The early morning alarms of the following day send us to bed long before we grow tired of the mesmerizing fire.

Somewhere lost in the Sierra again.

my little piece of forest

If I were given a plot of land, and had the financial means to do with that land as I pleased, I would turn it into a private forest, with my house lost somewhere in the middle.

I would bring in oaks and pines and intersperse a few giant sequoias.  It would be a dense tangle of trunks and have a veritable canopy of green overhead.  Some light would filter through the limbs and needles to fall on the earth below, but not much.  A stream would cut through the woods, large enough that I would need a bridge to cross it, but still small enough that I could wade across to cool down in the summer.

A single lane dirt road would cut through my forest to reach the cleared space I would leave for my home.  It would be a simply affair – just large enough for my family, with a wrap-around porch and a couple rocking chairs positioned strategically to catch the last of the sun setting as it disappeared beyond my tree filled utopia.

Simple, yes, but that is all I would really want.

Somewhere lost in the Sierra again.
Yeah, I think this would do just fine.