Little Prince’s Photo Blog:

Partially as a distraction, and partially just to see what he would do with it, the Queen and I let the Little Prince have one of our old cameras. He doesn’t have constant access to it, but when we are out and about he is allowed to bring it along and take pictures of whatever he finds interesting. When he is older, I’ll ask him if he wants to start a photo blog to document and share the snaps he has taken. For now, though, I asked if I could share some of them with my friends and he quickly and happily said yes.

So, everything Thursday this month, I’ll be posting one of his pictures. Maybe I’ll include some words, or maybe I’ll let his picture speak for itself… I guess you’ll have to keep checking back in to find out for yourself.



I’m not sure what made the Little Prince decide to take this picture. Actually, he takes a lot of pictures of feet and shoes. I guess I do too… Maybe he’s seen me do it and was just mimicking the behavior? We may never know. Regardless, I love this shot. The vibrant colors. The framing. The silliness of it all. It’s right at home here in the Kingdom.

Jesterly Challenge Month – November 5th

Sheena, who might in fact actually be a punk rocker despite her claims otherwise, asked me to tell a story from the point of view of the Little Prince.  Give it a read and then let me know how I did in the comments.


Why am I awake?  Why was I sleeping?  Why am I alone in the bed?  Why is Momma not here?  Why is Daddy not here?  Why…  Why does my body feel sluggish?  Why does my stomach feel funny?  Why am I still alone?

I better start crying.

Why is this taking so long?  Why does my body still feel sluggish?  Why am I awake?  Why was I sleeping again?  Why am I still alone?  Why is Momma not here?  Why is Daddy not here?  Why does my stomach still feel weird?

Oh, here’s Momma now.  Okay.  All is right with the world.  Oh, she’s so warm and soft.  Oh, she smells nice.  Oh I could just hold her forever and ever and ever and ever and ever…

No!  I will not fall back asleep.  I didn’t want to sleep in the first place.  She leaves me when I’m sleeping and I don’t like that.  I better give her the evil eye… but… oh, she’s so pretty and she’s smiling at me and asking how my nap was and what I want to do today.  What was I thinking before?  Doesn’t matter.  Hmmm, why is my tummy still weird?

Okay, now the sluggish feeling is gone!  Oh my!  I want to jump, jump, jump, jump, jump, jump.  Wait, what’s that noise?  I better ask just to make sure it’s okay?  Oh, okay.  That’s fine.  What was I doing before?  Oh yeah!  Jump, jump, jump, jump, jump….  I love jumping.  Oh, and I love my Momma, too.  I better tell her.

Where is Daddy, though?  I should ask?  Oh, he’s at work?  I should ask why?  Oh, … I didn’t understand that.  I’ll drop it for now but just because my tummy still feels weird.

Wait, Momma’s asking me about food.  Yes, I guess I could get out of bed and go downstairs for some food.  Some string cheese, or an apple, or some applesauce, or some apple pie… Oh!  Or a banana.  Oh!  Or pickles and fishy crackers.  Yum!  Now I’m excited and I want to jump and jump and jump and jump.

What’s Momma saying?  Oh, that’s right food.  Okay, I’m ready now.  Let’s go.  These stairs are fun.  I think I’ll slide down them on my butt.  Fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun.  That was fun!  I should do again.  Up, up, up…  Oh, right, Momma is reminding me about food.  Okay.  I’ll slide down the stairs again later.

Hmm… my tummy still feels weird.  Oh look, the windows are open.  And there are birds in the trees!  And look, look!!  Cars are driving down the street.  There’s a bus!!  I better tell Momma.  She didn’t hear me.  I better shout it!  Why is she in the kitchen?  She should be here at the window with me!!  She’s missing out on the bus.  I better yell louder.  And louder!!  And louder!!!!

Momma doesn’t seem too excited about the bus I’m pointing out, but that could be because by the time she got to the window it was gone.  Oh well, she’ll see the next one.  Why is she pulling me away?  Oh, right!  Food.  Yum, yum, yum… but my tummy still feels weird.

I like climbing chairs, though, and standing at the counter.  Oh, I better tell her everything I want.  Yep, she’s doing a great job making a plate for me.  That all looks wonderful…  Whoops.  Should I tell her.  Yep, better tell her.  Maybe I should wait because she just made me this wonderful plate.  No, she will want to know…  “Momma, I’m poopy.”

That’s odd, my tummy doesn’t feel weird anymore.


Daddy’s/The Jester’s final comment:  This is every single time.  Right as we are ready to sit down and eat.  Every.  Single.  Time.

Jesterly Challenge Month – November 4th

Princess Rosebud asked me to list the ten (or hundred) best things about being a father to a little boy.  I settled on 18.  It seemed like a good number at the time.  Anyway, give it a read and let me know how I did in the comments.


In no particular order:

  1. Giggles
  2. Little boy hugs and smooches
  3. All those squirrels
  4. Snuggles while reading books
  5. Being told, “I love you” out of the blue
  6. The wild swings, from a miniature to grandiose scale and back again, of the saying: never a dull moment
  7. Imaginative playtime
  8. Parrot mode
  9. Helper mode
  10. The random moments of song
  11. The unexpected insights and moments of brilliance
  12. Silly mode
  13. The dimples
  14. Mischievous blue eyes sparkling with a million sunsets reflecting off the surf
  15. Thud
  16. The fearlessness
  17. Unbiased and unfiltered joy at new discoveries
  18. Seeing the world untouched by my own jaded view

a letter to my son

My dearest little prince,

Tonight (or tomorrow morning depending on how you want to look at it) at 2:14AM you will have been among us, graced us with your presence, your noises, your faces, your silliness and grumpiness for two weeks.  I can’t believe how quickly that time has gone…

It makes me worry.  We all know that our sense of time passing speeds up with each passing day.  Each year goes quicker than the year before it.  Every time we turn around we seem to be passing another milestone that once seemed so far off in the distance we didn’t need to spare it a second thought yet… until, there it is on top of us, passing us, behind us and we are hurtling towards the next.  If these past two weeks have gone as quickly as they have, how fast will the next two go?  The next two months?  The next two years?  The next two decades?

Far too quickly, all of them.

Knowing this fact though, I find myself lost in the moments I spend with you, loathe to give them up, loathe to leave your side lest you make another of your silly faces, lest I miss one of your grunts or squeals.  I want to soak in every second I have, take it all in, hold it, relish it, and in so doing prolong the present.  It’s my way of fighting the passage of time.  A losing battle, I know, but a fight worth having regardless.

I commented yesterday that you hadn’t yet been the muse I knew you would one day be because a post about you would consist solely of “He eats, he sleeps, he poops, he repeats…”  But, pervasive through all of that is the joy of having you in our lives.  The wonderment that is you.  The way time is whizzing by is a testament to that fact.

Even at 4AM when I’m bouncing you, rocking you, swaying you, and singing softly in your ear to soothe you or entertain you as you squall trying to stave off sleep or as you take in the world around in you wide-eyed amazement, even as I’m longing for the bed and the sleep it holds, I still find myself filled to overflowing with joy.  Joy for you.  Joy for having you as part of our lives.  Joy for the future you hold.

I want you to know, my son, that even when I turn around two times and you are off on your own with a family of your own and I’m wondering what happened, I will still have those moment of joy to look back on.  Time cannot take those from me.

With all my love,

The Jester

above and beyond

Okay, raise your hand if you are familiar with a dinosaur named Rara?

Oh, you all already know her?  Well that’s convenient, not surprising, but convenient.

Still, you should go show her some Rawr love (as she would say) because she has truly gone above and beyond.  (You are following her on Twitter, too, right?)

Did you know she sent out Valentines to anyone who wanted one?  How awesome is that, right?  I’m not even sure that awesome begins to cover it.

Cute little Valentine's monsters.
Cute little Valentine’s monsters.

She didn’t just send me one either, she sent one for my wife.  Did I mention the above and beyondness of all of this?  Oh, I have?  Great, glad we covered that.  Honestly, I’m not sure what you are still doing here.  Go check out her site, right now!