Contest Wrap-Up

Do you know why there are no longer any book pictures at the top of this post?

Because all the books have been won.

Yesterday’s Comment Contest winner = Not A Punk Rocker (AKA Sheena)!

At 9:50AM PST there were 190 comments on the post.  I worked my Excel magic (yes, I just like to say the word magic.  MAGIC! MAAAAAAGICK!) and it produced the random number 163.  I worked backwards from the end again and came to this lovely comment:


Thanks again for everyone who played along in the shenanigans this week.  It was a lot of fun.  And maybe I’ll do it again soon.

But next week?  Next week will be all about the writing.  The words have been piling up again and I have to unleash them before they explode out my nose.  It has happened before and it isn’t much fun to clean up.

Trust me.


One side tugged and the other tugged harder

That’s right, the results are in.  The Marvel vs. DC Team Tug-of-War battle royale has finally ended.

The official kingdom tally keeper tallied and counted and added and ran away and then came back and tallied some more.

I must admit that when I started handing out extra points I hadn’t counted on factoring them into the final results.  But then, as I handed out more and more of them I realized I had to.  I swear it was purely coincidental that both teams ended up with exactly 8,000 bonus points:

Team Marvel:
The Cutter received 1,000 points for the thoroughness of his argument.
Laura Lord received 1,000 points for pointing out that Spongebob is mightier than Aquaman.
Brother Jon received 1,000 points for basing his argument on stability.
Grayson Queen received 1,000 points for showing us all X-Babies.
J. Milburn received 1,000 points for sheer brilliance.
ElectronicBagLady received 1,000 points for admitting that her moral compass came from Uncle Ben and Aunt May.
C.C. received 1,000 points for using definitions to decide who to support.
CK Hope received 1,000 points for reminding us all it isn’t wise to anger The Hulk.  He punched one god and repeatedly bashed another into the ground.

Team DC:
Sarah Brekke received 1,000 points for pointing out that goth is part of Gotham.
Little Dude received 1,000 points because he’s ten, and his post was fantastic.
Zoe received 1,000 points for picking sides early and pulling with all her might even when the odds were stacked against her.
NotAPunkRocker received 1,000 points for pointing out that no matter what else Marvel has, they will always have the sorrow of being affiliated with Howard the Duck.
FaithHopeChocolate received 1,000 points for referencing Bones.
AreYouFinishedYet initially received 1,000 points for reminding us all to party responsibly and then received a second 1,000 points for being Freshly Pressed.
Rara received 1,000 points for only using the comics to decide which side of the rope to support.

See?  Evenly matched in bonus points.  Funny that it worked out that way.

Therefore the real struggle came down to the number of people pulling on each side.  The tally keeper freely admits that he may have missed some.  He did his best but there were so many answers spread out across so many posts that it is likely he did, in fact, miss some.  But, here is what he did come up with:

Team Marvel: 38

The Cutter
Kim @ Tranquil Dreams
Laura Lord
Brother Jon
Grayson Queen
J. Milburn
Controlled Chaos
Ned’s Blog
CK Hope
Sean Smithson
Glow Worm
The Indecisve Eejit
Rebecca Enzor
Maddie Cochere

Madame Weebles


Team DC: 24

The Hook
Sarah Brekke
Sreejit Poole
Little Dude
El Guapo’s wife
Laura Lynn
Nick Powell

Therefore, the trophy, the glory, the victory go to TEAM MARVEL, and Team DC are left in the mud.

Niagara's Mudder League of Justice at Tough Mudder Toronto on Saturday in Barrie.¶From left: Laura Ip (Batwoman), Cheryl Deforge Davidson (Wonder Woman), Brady Wood (Zod, in black) and Grant LaFleche  (Superman)¶Photos special to the Standard by Ryan Hewko.

Big thank you to everyone who played.  Including these wonderful posts:

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What should the next tug-of-war battle be between?  Star Trek and Star Wars?  Clint Eastwood and John Wayne?  Douglas Adams and Terry Pratchett?

Let the games begin

fauxpocalypse books contests

5 days.  5 books.  5 contests.  5 winners.

Seems pretty straightforward to me.  This week in The Matticus Kingdom I will be hosting a new game/contest each day.  The winner each day will recieve a signed copy of Fauxpocalypse.

Doesn’t that sound great?!

Let’s get to it!


Let’s start off easy.  Leave a comment or multiple comments, as many as you’d like.  At the end of the day I will assign a number to each comment and then use the randbetween Excel function to select a winner.

Super easy.  All you have to do is comment and you could win a copy of the book.  The more you comment the more chances you have to win.

So, what do you want to talk about?  What’s on your mind?


Magic Vs. Reality Tug-Of-War Results

Those crazy wonderful folks over at Daily Prompt asked: “The Tooth Fairy (or Easter Bunny, or Santa Claus . . .) : a fun and harmless fiction, or a pointless justification for lying to children?”

I didn’t want to answer right away and then remembered that we have a great resource at our disposal for answering questions like this; so, I brought it up for a Tug-Of-War resolution.

And you played along…

The winner by an absolute avalanche is “fun and harmless fiction.”

The tallies:
fun fiction – 57
pointless lying – 19

Keeping the magic of being a child alive came out of the gates strong and pulled the truth into the mud before it could even start to put up a fight.  The truth did try and pull itself out of the mud but never got enough support to manage it.  Thus proving that magic trumps truth always and forever.

I’ve known it all along.  Magic does exist!




Some of these were very hard to place properly, according to the official counter.  They did their best, but if you feel your support went behind the wrong team let us know and we will adjust the numbers accordingly.

As a clarifying example: for those who said they wouldn’t perpetuate these stories to their own children we decided that should count on the Reality side of the tug-of-war despite any other arguments for Magic they had.

Thanks for playing.  The shower for those who need to rinse the mud off is just down the hall and to the left.  There are plenty of towels.

Badge of …

honor?  accomplishment?  success?  triumph?  time wasting?  insert appropriately vague word here?  wordiness?  something else that sounds exactly like any of the other responses I’ve listed out here?

Winning! Winner! Won!


I do promise that eventually all these NaNoWriMo posts will go away and I’ll return to whatever I used to post about.  October seems so far away at this point I’m not even sure what that means… rants, football/soccer updates, daily post challenges, and other randomness I guess…

Based on the results of my impromptu poll conducted at the end of my “I wrote, I wrote some more, I NaNoWriMoed” post, the consensus is that I should continue to fill this blog space with segments from my other writing projects.  I’m mostly okay with that… It does mean that need to get back to work on those writing projects though. 

Luckily, I’m still caught up in the inspiration and motivation and other such driving forces and factors left over from my NaNo sprint.  I pulled up the comedy western I’m in the middle of yesterday and started familiarizing myself with the characters again.  I plan on getting some words added to further along that plot this afternoon.  If I get far enough I’ll post a new chapter into the Writing Segments section of my little blog world tomorrow.  In the meantime you can, and should check out the three chapters already sitting there waiting to be devoured.  You know you want to.

“This is the blog you are looking for…”

However, while I will work on the comedy western, I don’t want to drop the ball on my NaNoWriMo story either (which I’m going to refer to as Sierra Storm from now on, because the titled I’ve decided to label it with forever more, which you would know if you had visisted my page (djmatticus) at  Last night I printed out the entire story and began attacking it in earnest with one of those red pen things.

If you do happen to stumble upon my official NaNo page, you might just notice the recently acquired halo hanging over my picture (pats self on back).  It is a really good organization and I was more than happy to send them some funds to keep them operational going forward.  If you have also donated to them, then we should definitely be friends.  If we are of like minds but you haven’t sent in your money yet, I promise it was completely painless.  You can trust me.

Well, probably.


Okay, okay, you caught me.  This entire post was just a bunch of rambling to show off my “Winner” badge and try and gear up the comedy side of my brain so I can get back to writing my western.  Tongue firmly in cheek now, off I go… hmm, after I do something about the need for food to quiet the rumblings in my stomach.  Priorities, right?  Right.