American Pie

A couple months ago I submitted two different short stories to the Los Angeles Public Library Summer Writing Contest.

I’m very pleased to announce that one of those stories, an allusion packed piece about life and music, was one of the winners of the contest. You can read my story here:

I’ll post the second story in a couple days. In a lot of ways, I actually liked it more.

So, my faithful kingdomites, give American Pie a read and let me know what you think. Does it resonate with you? How many song references can you spot? How was your summer in these crazy times?

And the winner is…

A few weeks ago, I asked all you wonderful kingdomites to join in a game of blogosphere tug-of-war…  In this addition, the contest was between Team Coke and Team Pepsi.

I should have realized that something was amiss when the first backer came in to support the Dr. Pepper Snapple Group (it’s a thing, I promise)….

And then, for a time, the game dissolved into chaos.  Bloggers were tugging in every which way, and I thought it was going to have to be abandoned altogether.

But then!!!  But then Team Coke showed up, and heaved, and pulled, and tugged, and won in a landslide.

Unfortunately, our official kingdom tally keeper quit, so I don’t have the exact numbers for you.

You’ll just have to take my word for it.

Hey, I’m a Jester.  You can definitely trust me.  Definitely.  I assure you.  Believe me.

Thank you to all the players and CONGRATULATIONS to Team Coke, who once and for all have decided the age old battle of the sodas, colas, pops, carbonated sugary drinks of deliciousness…

and the winner is

I asked for haikus
And you obliged, very nice.
For the win (drum roll):


The Erratic Sun - Cover

The Queen and Little Prince had much deliberation determining the best haiku, but in the end the Little Prince’s arguments that bunnies are awesome could not be topped.  So, there you go.  I’ll be in touch to get shipping and inscription information, so sit tight for that.

If you are sad you missed out on winning a signed copy, supporting your favorite author by purchasing one is the next best option, right?  Right?!  Hmm, well, maybe not, but it would be very cool of you, and if I ever saw you in person then I would happily sign it…  So, there’s always that option.  Here’s the handy dandy link for you: BUY ME!

Thank you to everyone who played along in the contests and has supported me on this amazing journey.  You are all wonderful.

The Erratic Sun – Contest the Third

I guess I should explain that my naming convention is just for The Kingdom, because Revis has his own contest running too.  But, hey, that just means even more opportunities to win a copy of this fantastic science fiction adventure!!

Anyway, the winner of my second giveaway contest is…


Of the five people who submitted guesses (really?  that’s it?  why didn’t the rest of you who liked the post venture a guess?) her guess of 387 was the closest to the real word count on page 42 of 379.  And she guessed first too!  Almost nailed it right out of the gate.  That’s some crazy awesomesauce right there.

Hmm…  That’s now two for two of signed books getting shipped all the way from California across the pond, as they say.  It’s a trend.  My international readers should be paying attention.  Maybe they’ll be next.  Maybe this is their chance:

The Erratic Sun - Cover

For your next chance to win a signed copy of The Erratic Sun all you have to do is write a haiku in the comments section below that deals with either the mountains, the beach, why you think you deserve to win, 6 foot tall invisible rabbits named Harvey, the greatest gunslinger of all time, or… well, pretty much anything I guess.  The Queen and the Little Prince have volunteered to pick the best of the bunch and select the winner.

And, yes, I just consulted the rule book and there’s nothing against submitting multiple entries.  So… what are you waiting for?

Let me see those haiku’s!!

The Erratic Sun – Contest the Second

Starting with a bit of housekeeping, the winner of the first contest is…


Congratulations.  I’ll be in touch… eventually.  Probably after all of the contests are done so I only have to go to the post office once.  Running errands is hard in the toddlerocracy.

For those of you interested in how she was selected, I used the Excel Randbetween function after I placed all 25 participants in order by the date/time they made their comment here on WordPress or over on Facebook.

And now, onto the second contest to win a signed copy of The Erratic Sun, written by myself and the amazing Revis, and with cover art by the wonderful Daydreams:

The Erratic Sun - Cover

Here is a snippet from page 42 (because 42):

“‘It’s been a helluva run, and I’m not ready for it to end.  We are going to get through this.’  With that, the Captain left the cockpit to head back down to the engine room and see what miracle Gillian had come up with.”

All you have to do to win a signed copy of this amazing book is guess how many total words are on page 42.  Leave your guesses in the comments and the participant who comes the closest wins.  It’s just that easy.  Good luck!


Can’t handle the pressure?  You can always just buy a paperback copy here or a digital copy here.