my best dream

It was five years ago today,
We went up the mountain to say,
Promises of love and adventure,
Trials and triumphs,
Sorrows and joys,
But love and adventure most of all.

How have the years passed so quickly?
How is it possible for our bond to have grown exponentially?

Where will our family be in five more years?
Side by side, wherever we end up, I’ll have no fears.

I love you, my Queen,
You are, come true, my best dream.

Wedding - TOS walking away

To My Valentine


Remember that day?
Our vows promised adventure.
I have delivered.

You: my love, my life,
More beautiful every day,
Of this, our journey.

One question for you:
Won’t you be my valentine? 
Please say that you will.

But not just today,
That simply isn’t enough.
Forever will do.