Revis and Matticus Save the Kingdom, Chapter 33

Matticus didn’t have time to check on his Knight.  He had to hope that Revis’ cry of pain didn’t mean he’d lost the duel, and didn’t mean that Goldfish would have the energy and mental strength to cast a spell that could repel his attack.

His anger fueled his legs.  The miles that he and Revis had crossed no longer weighed them down.  The atrocities they had witnessed and the battles they’d fought gave him purpose.  The belief that the end of the war, that the kingdom would once again be safe, gave him renewed purpose, and he closed the distance with a speed he hadn’t know he was capable of.

Brandishing his sword, Matticus prepared to strike Goldfish with the flat of the blade.  He was happy to see her eyes go wide with surprise as he began to bring the swing around.  Just before his attacking blow landed, he had a moment of doubt.

He should have saved something in reserve in case she was able to defend the first attack.  It was too late, though.  His rage and speed had taken him too far to change tactics.  In a heartbeat he would know if the attack had been a mistake or not.

A bright light flashed as his sword was stopped by an invisible sphere surrounding the sorceress. The force of the blow allowed the sphere to be seen by all in the room. Sharp, shrieking voices cried out as cracks started appearing in the mystical shield. Then, the voices erupted all at once as the magic holding the sphere together exploded.

Matticus opened his eyes to find that he was now halfway across the throne room.  His ears were ringing and his head now pounded. As he raised himself up onto his hands and knees, he saw that Goldfish had been thrown by the blast, as well. She was making her way off the floor, looking around for the one person who was unaccounted for.

Revis was nowhere to be seen.

The Jester knew he needed to keep Goldfish occupied so his Knight could do whatever he needed to do. All he had to do was clear his head first. So, he tried to shake the cobwebs out as he finished getting to his feet.  His head wasn’t completely clear, but he didn’t have time to wait until it was.

He charged at the sorceress, with his sword held high, as he shouted his battle cry, “SPOON!”

“What the ….,” Goldfish’s jaw dropped.  In the face of the Jester’s ridiculous charge she almost lost her nerve and froze.  But, she regained her composure with enough time to calmly side-step Matticus.

“That’s your battle cry?”  She mocked with a mixture of disbelief and rage.  Equal parts laughter and fire danced behind her bewitching eyes.

Having turned around to once again face the sorceress, panting after the exertion, his head still throbbing from the blast seconds before, Matticus took a moment to steady himself.  “Of course…  A spoon is dull.  When I land a blow it will hurt more than you think.”

Goldfish rolled her eyes.  “Before I kill you.  Do you have anything original to say, or are you just going to quote others?”

As she taunted the Jester she kept scanning the room looking for any sign of movement so she could get a fix on the Knight.  It was frustrating her, and scaring her, that she couldn’t see through whatever magical means he was using to stay hidden.  At the same time she was frantically rebuilding her warding shields.

Matticus leveled his sword at Goldfish, the flames flared along the razor sharp edge, dancing in the swirling air currents of the room.  “Your reign of terror is nearly at an end, Fishie.”

Goldfish began moving her hands in the beginnings of one of her spells when her eyes suddenly got big. Revis appeared out of the shadows behind her, stabbing both of his daggers at her heart. The blades were slightly deflected by the few wards the sorceress enacted, but they still sank deeply into Goldfish’s back. Injured, the mermaid sank to the ground.

“How,” she asked the Knight in confusion. “I would’ve seen you if you turned yourself invisible.”

With a smirk, Revis replied, “That’s why I didn’t turn myself invisible.” When neither Goldfish or Matticus seemed to understand what he was getting at, he continued, “What do you think I did before I got the ring? I hid in the shadows of the room. I became invisible without actually becoming invisible. Just because I haven’t had to do it since I got the ring doesn’t mean I forgot how to do it.”

Revis knelt down next to the sorceress and put his blades up to her throat. “It’s time to end this,” he stated, preparing to strike.

“Wait” Matticus commanded.

The Knight raised an eyebrow at the Jester, but did as he was told and stayed his hand.

“Do we have to kill her?”

“As long as she is living she will be a threat to the kingdom, a threat to my daughter, a threat to the little prince.  Yes, we have to kill her.”

Matticus frowned and bit his lip.  “Isn’t there a way we can send her through the portals and trap her in a different world, a phantom zone, or something like that?”

“A phantom zone?” Revis mused.  “That’s an interesting idea, and it may be feasible.  But, why don’t we just kill her and then we don’t have to worry about her or her antics ever again?  She’s caused enough mayhem, the punishment fits the crimes she has committed.”



“Well, it just seems wrong to kill her for some reason.”

Goldfish let out a cackling laugh of derision, “Don’t want to get your hands dirty Jester.  You have no problem ruling the kingdom but you don’t actually know what it takes to rule successfully.  I could have made your kingdom ten times greater than you’d ever imagined.”

Revis pressed a little more firmly on the blades and Goldfish went silent again.  Then the Knight looked expectantly at Matticus, waiting for the word that would allow him to dispatch the sorceress one way or another. The decision was taken out of their hands, however.

With a cry of pain, Goldfish’s eyes rolled up into her head. Then, her body turned into fog and slowly faded away, leaving behind only a pool of blood from where the Knight had stabbed her. The Jester turned to Revis and asked, “That’s an awful lot of blood. Do you think we killed her?”

“I don’t know,” Revis answered honestly. “I’d like to think we ended the threat of Goldfish, but I’m not sure. This may just be another one of her tricks.”

The two men stood back to back, on the lookout for a reemergence of their foe, while gathering up their strength. Suddenly, the door burst open. Deb ran in, stopping right in front of Matticus. “Jester,” she began, out of breath, “You did it.”

“What do you mean?”

“I don’t know what you two did, but it worked. All of the sparkly vampires disappeared right in front of our eyes a few minutes ago.”

“They’re all gone?”

“All of the ones in the castle are. The dragons said that they’ve received some magical communications saying that the sparkly vampires are disappearing from all over the kingdom.”

Breathing a sigh of relief, Matticus looked at his Knight. “We did it, Revis. We finally did it. The Kingdom is finally back to the way it should be.”

The Jester motioned for Revis to follow him. As they walked towards  a balcony that overlooked the area around the castle, Revis said, “I hate to break your jubilant mood, but you realize that she may be back, right?”

“Yeah,” Matticus replied with a smile, “but I’m not going to dwell on that now. I’m just going to take joy in the fact that the kingdom is safe for now and this adventure is over.”

The two men, having reached the balcony, looked out at the horizon. In the distance, they could see the dragons, Rara and Grayson, flying free. For some reason, even though they had saved the entire kingdom, that seemed to be the most right thing of all.

Revis and Matticus Save the Kingdom

FaithHopeChocolate has shared an adventure that she and Steph lived through as part of Revis and I saving the Kingdom. Pop on over and have a read.

Stories from the Chocolaterie

Revis & Matticus are trying to Save the Kingdom from the Sparkly Vampires and the “Evil” Jaded.  This is what happened just after Chapter 26, when Revis and The Jester left FaithHopeChocolate (ie, me) and Steph at the rebel camp just outside Bruges…



Steph turned to Faith with a scowl on her face. “Typical. We bust everything to get them out and then they scarper.”

Faith smiled, a slightly annoying, enigmatic, knowing and calm sort of smile. “It’s OK, Steph. We can handle it. Have you forgotten where the Mother House of my Order is?”

Steph looked a bit puzzled. Faith sighed.

“Whitby, Yorkshire, England. Where Dracula so helpfully came ashore from Transylvania. Which is why there’s been at least one Religious Community in the area for the last several hundred years, and the reason for the founding of the Order -”

“- Is really vampire…

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Revis and Matticus Save the Kingdom, Chapter 30

Wow… Can you believe we’ve written 30 chapters, er, um, I mean… Can you believe that Revis and I have survived this long in our quest to save the kingdom?
Yeah… no fourth wall breakage there…
Anyway, click on over to see what happens next. Spoiler alerts – there are cloaks and daggers and the unveiling of the mastermind behind the rampaging sparkly vampires.

33 Grams of Blog

“Get out of my wife’s chair,” Matticus seethed.  His right hand reached for his sword, but Revis grabbed his arm before the steel could clear the sheath.

“I quite like it here,” Jaded quipped, flashing her now human teeth in a twisted grin, “I think I’ll stay.”

The sight of of someone other than The Queen sitting on the throne was so disturbing to the Jester that he began to fight against his Knight’s grip.  He wanted to free himself so he could tear Jaded apart and while he could hear Revis whispering furtively into his ear to calm down because it was likely a trap, the words meant nothing to him.  Matticus was lost to his rage.

Revis considered knocking his liege upside his royal head, but wasn’t sure he’d be able to strike swift enough if he let the Jester loose before Matticus was out of his reach. …

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Revis and Matticus Save the Kingdom, Chapter 29

As he listened to the back and forth, Matticus realized that Revis was stalling because his Knight was in trouble.  He began to crawl towards the sound of the voices, as quietly as possible, to try and salvage the situation.  However, when he heard that it was a trap to capture him he stopped.  There was something about the way the assailant laughed, something he recognized.

The aha moment came exactly as he felt his arms get grasped and then twisted painfully behind his back, as he was hoisted to his feet.  It was Dani.  She had betrayed them.

The Jester’s mind raced, frantically trying to think of a solution to the current predicament, even as he struggled against the powerful arms that held him in check.

“We’ve got him,” a voice said behind him.

“And now, dear Revis, it is time to die,” Dani said maliciously.

Matticus was horrified to hear the sheer delight in her voice.  He briefly wondered what his Knight had done to draw out such animosity in her even as he was calling out in despair.

Then there was a crack and a thud in quick succession followed by silence.  The arms gripping the Jester slackened a bit as his captors were distracted by something that was obviously a change in the plan.

When Matticus heard Deb speak, he nearly had a heart attack he was so relieved.

“Release the Jester, or you will all die.”

“Do it,” Dani commanded her associates. Then, with glee in her voice, she added, “Too bad, Revis, she didn’t say anything about you.”

Dani stabbed. Her knife sunk into flesh. Blood splattered everywhere. The sound of gagging echoed throughout the room causing Matticus to cringe. “Revis,” he called out, hoping that his Knight wasn’t hurt too badly.

Seconds later, the sounds of gagging drifted away to be replaced by silence. With a laugh, Dani asked, “Who is going to protect you now, Jester?”

Suddenly, light burst into the room when somebody said, “Futbol rules.”

Matticus was confused. It wasn’t until his vision adjusted to the light that he understood what had happened. Revis stood behind Dani, holding the fiery sword at her back. Deb was the one holding onto the Jester’s arms. One of Dani’s helpers laid dead at her feet.

“How….I mean, how….but…”

“Don’t worry about the details,” Revis shrugged at him. “Just care about the outcome.”

As he shook his head at his Knight’s antics, Matticus realized that he knew where they were. They were in the basement of his castle. Of course, that was where they were supposed to be, but after being away for so long, it felt good to finally be home.

The Jester breathed in the familiar smells of home, but then coughed as his nostrils caught odors that didn’t belong.  His home had been overrun.  It was no longer the familiar, the sanctuary, the safe haven for him.  His eyes sought and found Dani’s in the flickering light from the magical sword and he shrugged out of Deb’s grasp, striding towards their would-be betrayer.

“What have you done?  And why!”

Revis brought the sword closer to her garments so she could feel the heat licking off it, and yet her gaze never wavered with fear or uncertainty.  Whatever her reasons were, the threat of dying would not be enough to get her to talk.

Stopping in front of her, Matticus tried to recall every detail about his subject that he could bring to mind, desperate for something that would concern her more than her own life.  When he hit upon it, he couldn’t help the dark smile that twisted his lips.  Using her family against her seemed only fitting considering the threats that had been leveled against his own family.

“How is your wife these days?  Do you have her hidden someplace safe?”

Dani’s eyes bulged and the resolution on her face dropped.  She loved her wife more than anything else in the world.

“It doesn’t matter,” Revis interrupted. “I still have some of that ink left. No matter how good you have her hidden, I can make a portal that will take me right to her.”

With a look of defiance, she stared into Revis’ eyes, “You wouldn’t dare.”

“Oh, so you and yours can threaten our families, but we can’t do it to you?” When she didn’t answer, the Knight continued, “I won’t like it, but if it means that my family, the Jester’s family, and the rest of the Kingdom is safe, I will do whatever is necessary to get you to talk. And I guarantee that you will like it a lot less than I will.”

While Dani contemplated the Knight’s threat, Deb disarmed the traitor’s cohorts as Matticus tied them up. Violently, the room began to shake. The four people who weren’t tied were able to hold their balance. All of the others fell to the floor.

“There’s our distraction,” Matticus said. “Rara and Grayson are right on time. What should we do with her,” he asked, gesturing to Dani.

Revis turned to walk towards the door. Over his shoulder, he called out, “Kill her.”

Matticus started to object, she may still have been of some use, information or as a bargaining chip, plus there had already been so much needless loss of life in this war.  However, he stayed his retort.  Dani had picked her side.  She had put his family in danger.  She had betrayed her oath.  Her fate was sealed.

Deb was watching the Jester for confirmation of Revis’ command, and he nodded once, solemnly, and then followed his Knight out of the room.  He wasn’t happy about it, but he had made harder decisions in his time ruling the kingdom.

Sprinting to catch up to Revis, Matticus said, “We got a bit lucky back there.  If Deb had been in on the plot too, we’d have been done for.”

Revis didn’t reply.  The knight continued to stride purposefully towards their next objective.  There was work to be done and he didn’t have the time or brain power to waste on the what-ifs of their journey.  Matticus could see that in his face, so the Jester let the matter drop.

Once they reached the main corridor, they slowed down. The two of them began hiding in the shadows as they moved. Matticus noted that there were no guards in the hallways. Dragons made great distractions, apparently.

Just as they reached the throne room, Revis abruptly stopped. Turning back to Matticus he questioned, “You know I was just joking about killing Dani, right?”


“Come on, now. We don’t kill off fellow bloggers.”

“But you cut off Guapo’s head!”

“Ok, so I killed off one fellow blogger. I haven’t killed any more yet, have I?”

“But you said…”

“Relax. I’m sure Deb knew I was kidding.”

“She doesn’t know you!”

“Oh, yeah. Well, I guess it wasn’t a very good joke then, was it?”

The Jester sputtered through an incoherent response. Revis flashed a smile right before he opened the door to the throne room. After the Knight walked through the door, Matticus stopped his sputtering long enough to follow him. As soon as they stepped inside the threshold, the door slammed shut behind them.

“Welcome,” came a voice that they hadn’t heard in a long time. Looking, they saw Jaded sitting on the Queen’s throne. “I’ve been expecting you.”

Revis and Matticus Save the Kingdom, Chapter 26

The adventure continues. Pop on over to 33 Grams of Blog to see what crazy situations Revis and I had to get ourselves out of in this chapter. Hijinks galore!

33 Grams of Blog

“Attack?”  Steph’s eyes went wide with fear, “That can’t be!”

“The vampires must have gotten wise to the disappearing populace,” Revis replied.  “They probably sent out patrols to see if there were any groups camping outside the city walls.  That’s what I would have done.”

Steph shot Revis a death glare.

“What’s the plan,” Matticus whispered, trying to bring the focus back on their current problem.  “We have to go to their aide, right?”

Steph’s eyes went even wider.  She hadn’t ever considered leaving the small community she had been helping to build to their fate.  It troubled her greatly that such an idea would even be a consideration.  Her discomfort grew with each passing second it took the Knight to respond.

With a sigh, Revis shook himself out of his revelry and addressed Steph and Matticus.  “I’ll use my ring to get close to the camp and see what…

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