Jesterly Challenge Month – November 21st

Sreejit challenged me to share the secrets from the story I wrote for the challenge on November 1st, the secrets that drove the teller insane.  Read on, if you dare, and let me know what you think of the secrets in the comments.


The true power behind the five secrets isn’t necessarily in the knowledge of them, but in the manner in which they are imparted from person to person.  So, you should be fine to read them below…  But, be careful in how you spread them, if you choose to do so at all, and I take no responsibility for anything that happens as result of you reading on.  You have been warned.  The secrets of the universe are truths that do not appreciate disrespect and they will take on lives of their own if they feel they aren’t getting the proper deference.

The first secret is not much of a secret at all.  The universe is so large that none of us can truly grasp the vastness of it.  It’s in our best interest, of course, because were we to understand truly how insignificant and meaningless we are in the grand scheme of things, we would be hard pressed to keep our sanity.  However, with the telling of this secret if done correctly, the universe will share a glimpse of the spinning universes and multi-verses branching off from every point of time throughout history and forward to the infinite future.  The glimpse isn’t enough to drive you insane, but it will stop you in your tracks.

The second secret is also not much of a secret.  The emotions we experience are manufactured synaptic firings and chemical releases we have been trained to perform.  Can you hear that bell?  Did you just start to drool?  We are all salivating dogs in our own ways.  When this secret is shared correctly, however, not only can the recipient accept the truth but they can also learn to manipulate even the most hard-wired emotional responses.  This can come in very handy, but is dangerous in that it is easy to forget how to fit into societal expectations.

The third secret is where things start veer closer to the unknown.  Everything in all the universes is cyclical.  You’ve probably heard that in some fashion before: music, fashion, politics, etc…  But, the cycles affect all things across all of the universes.  When this secret is told correctly, the universe will show you a glimpse of all you’ve ever been and all you will ever be.  You experience the historical context of your past lives and see all the failings and successes of your future selves.  The knowledge is crippling to most.  Our minds are not designed to handle that type of information and will be driven insane, eventually, trying to reconcile every action taken in the current “life” against all that came before, and how it all could impact who you become.

The fourth secret takes the third to a deeper level, while simultaneously taking a step back to play on a topic you are all probably familiar with.  Everything in the world is connected.  Call it the circle of life.  Call it karma.  Call it ashes to ashes.  It doesn’t matter how you try to rationalize it, this truth will hurt.  Every ant you ever stepped on was part of you.  Every spider you ever squished was part of you.  Every fly you ever swatted.  You’ve been killing yourself for years.  Bullying.  Greed.  Fighting.  Every action you’ve taken against another person has also been against yourself.  When this secret is told correctly, the universe floods your mind with the pain you have caused throughout your current life.

The fifth secret is that the world is structured in such a way that you can ignore the previous four secrets if you want, but before the universe lets you take that option, it shows you your life as it would be if you embraced them instead.  Surprisingly, if you are one of the few who can hang on to your sanity, you do not become an empty shell just seeing out the days.  Not surprisingly, you will choose to ignore the truths anyway, because a simpler life is a better life.  Either way, the secrets can never be forgotten whether you choose to embrace them or ignore them.

So, now that you know, what are you going to do with these truths?

let’s talk

In my opinion, the system is broken.  I will not argue against that.  And I know that several of you feel the same way.  However, I suspect that we are coming to that conclusion from very different perspectives.

In full disclosure…  I’m a male, caucasian, libertarian leaning, card carrying member of the NRA.

Not joking.  Those are four truths about me.

I know!  I’m a horrible person, right?  Not only was I born into white privilege but I’m greedy and selfish and I lack empathy.  I might even be racist.  I’m too ignorant to understand that my choices are the wrong ones…

No, I don’t believe I’m a horrible person.  I don’t believe I’m a racist.  I don’t believe I lack empathy.  But, I am greedy and selfish when it comes to my family and friends.  I want the best for them.

The following statements, while not popular, are still my opinions, and I will respectfully listen to and discuss your opinions on any and all subjects, not just the ones I’ve touched on here.  Send me an email.  Leave a comment.  Start a discussion and I will respond.  If you write something that I deem to be something less than respectful discourse I will delete the comment without warning or response.  So, no name calling, please.

You should understand going in, that I am at peace with who I am, I enjoy spirited conversations (arguments), will occasionally defend arguments that are the opposite of the actions I would take in my own life, and these conversation starters are all beliefs that I consider to be truths:

Making it harder for good people to get firearms will do nothing to decrease violence in our country.  Those intent on doing harm, will find a way no matter the laws in place.  I want the option to defend myself, my family, and my property, without having to jump through more loopholes than those who may be out to do me harm.  I believe if every household had at least one gun in it then all crime would decrease.  But, of course, it isn’t just about having that firearm.  It is about learning respect for it, and proper care and handling, which would require more parents to actual live up to that name.

People will find themselves in difficult situations.  This is not a utopia and it never will be.  But, the help should come from their friends and families.  It should come from the connections they have made in their local communities.  And, as a last resort, it should come from charities that have been set up by the generous donations of those who have chosen to be philanthropic in such ways.  The government is too broad a business to effectively monitor and distribute resources to those in need.

Perhaps the banking industry was partially at fault for the recent economic crisis, but I would lay the blame on the borrowers and the government before I held anyone in the banks accountable.  The government forced the banks to make loans to lower income and reduced asset applicants or face being fined for discrimination.  Borrowers purchased homes they could not afford hoping they would be able to afford them in the future or they could flip them.  Maybe a few of them were coaxed into loans by predatory lenders, but they still should have done the research to understand the documents they were signing before they did.  Nobody forced them to take a loan they could not afford.

The current judicial system is a joke.  A tragic, unfunny, travesty of the standard it is supposed to be living up to.  I have no doubt there are people at all levels of the system who are truly trying to live up to those ideals but there are too many things working against them.  Laws upon laws upon laws trying to encompass every scenario conceivable have made it so on any given day innocent people can go to jail and guilty people can walk free on technicalities, on the lack of proof, on one attorney having a better day than their counterpart, on the cost of trial making it easier to take a plea, on and on.  I don’t have the answer, but I do know that we should chisel down the law book to keep it simple.  We need to make the law something we can all know and understand.

And, now, what do you think?  What questions do you have for me?  What are your opinions?  How do you feel about the militarization of our police forces?  How do you feel about the Keystone Pipeline?  How do you feel about the United Nations?

I’m ready to discuss.  (be patient with my replies, as most of you know, my access to wordpress is spotty at best during the day)

except no

a day of roses, except no, because the cats would eat them
a day of cards, except no, because the little prince would shred them
a day of feelings, except no, because those get hidden behind our masks
a day of truths, except no, because we only ever deliver those partially
a day of devotion, except no, because we spread ourselves too thin

a day of love, except no, because that is every day

a day of fellowship, except no, because that is every day
a day of hugs, except no, because that is every day
a day of kisses, except no, because that is every day
a day of romance, except no, because that is every day
a day of chocolates, except no, because that is every day

a day of love, except no, that is also every day


conventional and unconventional, surprises and planned, passionate and silly

every single day is what we choose to make of it, or not…

what are you going to do today?