Today, I’m embarking on a very different quest.  Today, I’m channeling all the Sparky goodness I can muster and I’m venturing forth to win a prize.  I understand that some of you (I’m looking at you, Le Clown) will not understand what is going on here, and I’m okay with that, but as it is my role to entertain, how about you read this instead.  Or, if that’s not your thing, some have enjoyed this post (which was Freshly Pressed if you haven’t been paying attention) and others have enjoyed this page (which should take you less than five seconds to read).  I wouldn’t want to leave you with nothing.

Still here?  Okay.  Moving on…

Oh!  And before we get back to me WINNING, I want to take a moment to do a quick shout out for Alice.  Have you met Alice?  She lives in a place called Wonderland.  Everything she writes turns to fifty shades of perfection.  Often, I can’t keep myself from laughing for the rest of the day after reading one of her posts.  I’ve been asked to leave work before.  Not that I’m complaining.  Her posts are more important than work.  Her writing could sustain me.  It’s.  That.  Good.

She’s the best.

Well, except for me of course.  I truly am the best and I’m on a quest to prove it, a quest for all the winning.  The quest for the ultimate prize!

Part of this quest involves recognizing others for their brilliance.  So, the following seven eight (updated to include Guap) bloggers are hereby declared ALL THAT IS AWESOMESAUCE.  They don’t have a choice in the matter, they have to accept the award, display it on their blogs, answer the following seven questions, and then nominate 49 other bloggers to receive the award.  (7 x 7 = 49 – the math makes sense to me)  (The math no longer makes since because I added in an eight recipient, but that’s okay because it never really made sense to begin with.)

ATIA Award

Award recipients:
Alice – because she, as already covered, is fifty shades of perfection
Le Clown – because he tries hard and he means well
Miss Four Eyes – because she has four eyes, that’s two extra ones to help her kick butt
Rara – because she’s both a dinosaur and a dragon
Grayson Queen – because he puts up with all of Rara’s shenanigans
Revis – because he is the first knight of the matticus kingdom
Twindaddy – because he is awesome and stuph


Guap – because he asked for it, personally, pleadingly, punctually

Questions to be answered:
How do you define your awesomesauceness?
Are there some who call you “Tim?”
What is your favorite movie and why (please answer in the form of 12 page essay)?
Why doesn’t Le Clown visit the matticus kingdom very often?
Does Baby C ever wonder why there is no Baby D (like Baby A and Baby B have each other)?
How have your movements been recently?
How many projects can Queen Creative juggle at any given time?

There!  Wasn’t that fun.  And with that, my quest is almost complete.  Plus, I know you all love getting awards so I can’t wait to see how you answer the questions and who you pass the award to.

Just think, soon the blogosphere will be overrun with jars of awesomesauce.  When that happens the kngdom will have taken over completely.  I, in all my jester glory, will be the ruler of all things blog!  And that is my prize.  That is me winning.  It is inevitable.  It has already been set in motion and cannot be stopped.