The green hills whisper their secrets of rain and sun.
The char from the summer fires isn’t gone or forgotten.
It rests beneath the lush grasses and vibrant bushes
And whispers its own secrets of flaming touches.
It pokes through here and there to ensure it is seen.
To be seen is to be remembered and that is everything.
For the summer winds will come again like always
And all it takes is a spark and the hills will be ablaze.
When the hills go up, some homes will surely follow,
They line the ridges and fill the canyons and hollows.
This cycle repeats every year, from green to brown to fire.
We sacrifice much to the pressures of the social norm pyre.


I could feel the storm coming. The energy of it tickled my fingertips. Its pressure warmed my skin even as the swirling winds cooled the air. The remnants of a hurricane slowly churned closer and closer until the clouds blocked the sun and the rain began to fall.

The storm no longer held the punch it had wielded weeks before. It had become sluggish and weak as it drew nearer land. Despite our need for rain, we were all grateful for that. Rain was needed, yes, but not at the expense of a devastating hurricane. And yet, despite its docile approach, I could still feel the storm coming.

Perhaps it was the amount of time since our last storm of any measure that allowed me to be so sensitive to the current ones approach. It had been months and I was desperate for a change, desperate for the cleansing relief of a rain washing over me and my small part of the world. Or perhaps there was something different about this storm and I would have felt it regardless. It no longer was a hurricane but it carried the DNA of one. It held the memory of the power and fury of its youth.

Sometimes that’s all that is needed, a memory, to become again what you once were.

I could feel the storm coming and I wondered, when it arrived, how it would show itself.

this morning’s letter

To the driver of the red Camry,

Two lanes converged in the strawberry fields, and you are an idiot.

The fog lay across the land in airy wisps, clinging to a crag there, settled into a gully there, but the roads were blessedly free.  There were plenty of cars around us, which is normal for every morning as the field workers rush to reach their day’s destination before the sun rises.  We all get backed up at the stoplights.  We all crawl along at a snails pace.

The road shrinking doesn’t help.  There are too many people out there at that hour, and there is no way all those cars coming together and funneling from two lanes down to one lane can cause anything other than gridlock.  This is known.  This is the way it is and must be.

So, what do I do?  I try to alleviate some of that gridlock by leaving space in front of me so the car to my right (a red Camry), can merge into my lane without causing me to slam on my brakes, and therefore the car behind me won’t have to slam on their brakes, and the car behind them, and so on.  It isn’t much, it isn’t perfect, but when you pay attention it does help a little bit.

And you, driver of the red Camry, what do you do?

You ignore the space I leave, you put the pedal to the metal and race around the SUV that is ahead of me, veering off the road in the process, to then cut off the SUV, slam on your brakes, making the SUV slam on their brakes, and, you guessed it, causing everyone else to slam on their brakes as well.

Congratulations, you are now a whole 10 feet further along than you would have been otherwise, and zero seconds closer to your destination.

You are an idiot.

I hope you have a terrible day,

The Jester

a new observation

I say “new” because I had an observation once before on my drive to work about the sunrise.  My observation from this morning also occurred as the sun was cresting the hills by my house, but this time the positioning was a bit different and therefore my view was also.


We drove into the sunrise.

The dew pooled on the hood of my truck sparkled in a thousand tiny rainbows.  They would have been blinding if they weren’t completely overpowered by the day’s first rays of light pouring down from the peak of the hills and racing straight through my windshield.

The cars on the road in front of me disappeared as everything changed into variations on the gray scale.  None of the vibrant colors from the world in front of my car remained. Even the depth of differences in the gray scale faded into black.  No colors could withstand the washing power of the sun.  Everything merged with the road.  Everything became one.

I squinted.  I adjusted my visor.  I had already put my sunglasses on so there was no final recourse, no last act to help me decipher the difference between my fellow morning travelers and the road we traveled on.  The brilliant morning fire had melted the world with its furious arrival.

Then the light shifted and I could see the taillights of the car in front of me again and I breathed a sigh of relief.  The world had not been destroyed.  Everything was going to be okay.  My fellow travelers and I continued on our way, speeding at 75 miles per hour towards our daily destinations.


The Matticus Kingdom # 200

It isn't a party without balloons.Please welcome to my kingdom: Enchanted Seashells, a tugboat captain’s wife.  She specializes in stories, and making feasts, and finding great videos, and sharing pictures, and… hmmm, can you specialize in everything?  I think perhaps she does.

Plus, she has a great earworm to share with you:

“It’s a small world”

That annoying tune that’s going to be stuck in your head for the next twenty-four hours (you’re welcome) speaks the truth.

It really is a small world; I’m shaking my head in wonder and amazement.

Somehow, I’m not sure if it was thematticuskingdom who found me first, or whether I discovered his blog first—but however it happened, it happened.

All shapes and sizes and colors inhabit this wild and wonderful blogosphere and sometimes life paths cross or parallel or crisscross or become two ships that pass in the night, or…I’m out of analogies, people.

But here’s a major coinky-dinky;  happenchance.  djmatticus and my son both went to the same university (UCSD), same college (Revelle), and graduated the same year!  His family and my family attended the graduation ceremonies in 2003, most probably sitting near each other.  He wore the obligatory Hawaiian lei; my son wore the obligatory Hawaiian lei.  Do I feel OLD, or what?

Why are we here?
I wrote my 200th post on February 10. It was dedicated to my daughter-in-law because she encouraged me to start a blog. thematticuskingdom sent his congrats which led to a convo about his upcoming 200th.  I thought it was an event deserving of a celebration and a virtual party and here it is!

This is it!

Congratulations from Enchanted Seashells, who’s apparently old enough to be your mother.Happy 200


How crazy is that, right?  It is a small world…. after all.

I’ve been meaning to post something like this for awhile, and decided that in honor of my two-hundreth post I would finally do it.

I wanted to just post the music, but apparently that’s more difficult than it would seem.  So, then I thought I’d upload the music to YouTube, and that also turned out nearly impossible.  So, I threw some pictures together with the tracks and created a video for the very first time.

(*pats self on back* Look at me go!)

I present for your enjoyment: Neuro.  This set is a little dated, but I still love all the songs.  And don’t judge the pictures – the most recent one is from 2006 (how has it been 7 years?!)  This is one of the demos I put together that got me a few gigs when I first started spinning.

Here are the tracks:
Watergate – Heart of Asia (DJ Quicksilver’s Q Mix Edit)
Mark Van Dale with Enrico – Water Wave (DJ Quicksilver Extended Mix)
DJ Quicksilver – Timerider (Extended Mix)
Scooter – Ramp (The Logical Songs) (Club Mix)
DJ Energy – Serenity (Club Mix)
TM – Fade To Grey (Steve L Remix)
DJ Tatana meets DJ Energy – Feel (Energy Anthem) (DJ Energy Retake)
Scooter – Jigga Jigga (Clubmix)
Sunbeam – High Adventure
DJ Energy – Step Into The Arena (Extended Version)
Watergate – Mull Of The Kintyre (DJ Quicksilver Remix)
Nu Romantix and DJ John Bora – Mad World (Pulsedriver Remix)
Sunbeam – Solar Surfing

This is what happens when you Google "confetti explosion."I completely understand if you don’t make it through the whole hour+ long set.  But, there are some good pictures in there, so… maybe just scroll through it?  It’s up to you.  I won’t judge.  But, you should definitely check out these great posts from our favorite tugboat captain’s wife:

I really need Photoshop because playing with Paint is just a pain in the you know what.