3 months in the life

Dear LITTLER Prince,

(And, yes, that is an important distinction to make.)

You are 3 months old! Oh my goodness. When did that happen? And how? And all the other questions! Okay, okay, I know three months isn’t very long, but it is still all you’ve known. And, considering the first couple months of your life are often referred to as the fourth trimester, it is a quarter of your entire existence. That’s a big chunk of time.

You are progressing nicely away from bump on a log status. Your kung fu fighting is still going strong and you’ve started to kick yourself almost into a roll. You aren’t quite there yet, but one day soon you will get yourself rolled over from back to front. Then it will only be a matter of time before you are headed off to college. Hmm, maybe I’m jumping ahead a bit there, but sometimes that’s how it feels. I’m certainly not in a hurry for that. I’m loving every second of you right now.

The faces you make, including the almost smile, maybe that was a smile, did I just see a dimple, there! there! that was definitely a smile moments. The sounds you make, from the sweet coos to the happy screeches. Okay, the shrieking cries in my ear aren’t my favorite thing, but you don’t do those that often anyway. The drool… and I know that’s a weird thing to like, but I can’t help it. Your drooly little face is adorable. And, you’ve started shoving everything you can into your mouth. Well, you try to shove everything in. Somethings are too big and sometimes you miss. And that’s okay too, because you really shouldn’t be putting stuff in there in the first place. But, you will because that’s how you explore, and that’s okay too.

Then, beyond all of that, my current favorite part of your first three months has been how awestruck you are with your big brother. You hear his voice and look around until you find him and then you stare and stare and stare. It is sweet and adorable and, as a younger brother myself, it hopefully speaks to the good friendship you two will forge in the years ahead. I’m excited for you.

So, keep on keeping on. Learn all the things. Your mom and I, and big brother, will help you along as best we can. And, you’ve got a whole kingdom cheering you on, too. You’re doing great.

Love you,

Daddy / Matticus / The Jester

Guest Post: Gordon Flanders heralds the coming of Spring

Gordon, from Anyone’s Ghost, agreed to do a guest post for me.  He has a very stream of consciousness, conversational, style of writing that I find captivating.  He blends humor, and the truth, and insight in a very powerful way and today he is here to talk about Spring:

I generally write about somewhat depressing things because I generally
find myself depressed, but whenever I come to The Matticus Kingdom I
feel a little better about life. So I thought in tribute I would write
something happy about spring.

In spring there are flowers and people smile at nothing. They wear
less clothing. They try to pretend like they’re not cold when they sit
outside drinking Mexican beer at the new patios that are turning up at
all the cool restaurants. They go to the gas station and buy propane
and hope they don’t blow up.

Spring is easy to miss sometimes. Especially in a place like
Washington, DC where it only lasts a week. You walk outside to all the
dead trees and you don’t think a thing about it, you walk a little
while and look up and all the sudden there’s green everywhere and
you’ve missed it and soon enough it will all be gone again. Just
another year in the life.

This spring I’m in Boston and I’m trying to notice. It’s really
fascinating to watch the changes in the plants. How they hibernate
through the winter, or even die, so that they look like they’ll be
dead forever, then they come back to life.

What if we only lived a year? Like if we were just dropped on the
Earth fully functional and then taken back after a year. The seasons
would really freak us out. I guess in some places there aren’t any
changes in the seasons, or at least not dramatic ones. Like San Diego
or the tropics. I wonder what subtle differences there are between
people who live in places without seasons versus people who experience
the changes.

I just had a thought but I forgot what. There is a squirrel outside
eating and darting around. Oh. I remember I was going to say that it’s
crazy to think that the seasons change only because the distance
between the Earth and the Sun changes. I wonder what Kepler thought
was the cause of the seasons. He was always trying to prove that the
orbit of the planets was perfectly spherical. I wonder if the Earth
will heat up so much in the next hundred years that there will be no
spring or fall anywhere. Just extremes, like in DC.

Ah but for now it doesn’t matter, because anyway what is time but some
vast tumultuous ocean that washes over us in such a way that we can’t
really tell if we’ve been alive forever or not. For now, whatever that
means, it is spring, or at least seems that way, and it’s pretty
outside and sort of warm and if this blasted wind would stop blowing I
could really enjoy my bike ride to work.


How was that?  Brilliant, right?  He pulled you in and before you knew it you were laughing and thinking some very deep thoughts.  That’s what he does!  And for more of that I’d recommend checking out these (fair warning, because he writes with unedited emotion, letting the words bounce and lead and follow and shape the outcome, these are not PG):