Author Interview – Matt Blashill – The Erratic Sun and Fauxpocalypse

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Good evening everyone.

I have been lucky enough to speak with author Matt Blashill about his latest release and his approach to the art and craft of writing.

So without further ado, let’s begin.

Matt – thank you for joining me today to talk about your creative processes and what drives you specifically as a writer.

Thank you, David, for including me in your interview series. I’m always a little surprised and a lot humbled when people want to talk to me about writing.

You have recently published a collaborative novel with Michael Hansen called “The Erratic Sun.” Please fill us in as to what genre(s) your book falls into, why you called it that and what we can expect to face when we dive into it?

“The Erratic Sun” is a science fiction novel about the crew of the titular ship who find themselves in an unenviable position during…

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Jesterly Challenge Month – November 15th

How’s everyone doing out there?  Are you NaNoWriMo’ing?  Are you a cheer pepper with the Poblanos?  Are you having a wonderful month?

Well, it’s time for intermission here at the Jesterly Challenge Month.  So, put on some tunes, and press the back arrow to scroll through the previous fourteen days worth of posts.  While you are there click on the links to go visit the blogs of everyone who sent me a challenge.

Now that you’ve done all that, what’s been your favorite post of mine so far this month?

And what did you find elsewhere that really resonated with you?


There is a chance, ready your lance, take a sure glance and steady stance.
Don’t miss your chance, or with your lance, over a quick glance and uneasy stance.
You lost the chance, a shattered lance, because your glance wobbled your stance.

Happy Tribus from The Matticus Kingdom


Winding through the woods,
The trail disappears ahead,
My heart follows it.

Spells leaping off pages,
Or slight-of-hand tricks and skills,
My heart believes all.

Words plucked along strings,
Strumming triumphant stories,
My heart sings in beats.


Today we are celebrating Tribus – all about the three you love.

You know you want to join in the fun too.  So, write it up, link it up, and tag it #HappyTribus.

And, you may have noticed a few changes around the kingdom, if you want to leave a comment telling me which has been your favorite of my posts over the last 3 years, I’ll feature it in the sidebar.

You are all awesome!

quick updates

There is a new post up on Stories That Must Not Die.  It’s about overcoming abuse and is worth reading.  Please head over and leave a comment of support for the author: Things Are Never Usually What They Seem

Brother Jon (BroJo!) was kind enough to feature me today as part of his “year of bloggers, for bloggers” series.   He has some nice things to say about me and he waxes philosophical about the Legend of Zelda.  You don’t want to miss it: Kingdoms


Today is my Two Year Blogging Anniversary on WordPress!  Wow.  Two years.  Can’t believe it has already been that long.  Some stats to go with that: 852 posts (including this one), 2,000+ spam bot followers, and more than handful of new friends, including some I’d start revolutions for, more than 35,000 views across 117 different countries, a whole lot of silliness, and an occasional brilliant moment…

What has been your favorite Matticus Kingdom moment over the last two years?