mmm, delicious

My most satisfying meal?

Asparagus – tossed in olive oil, sea salt and pepper – layered on a tin foil tray that gets placed on a grill directly over the coals for a few minutes and then moved off to the side to cook until that perfect point where they are no longer crunchy but they aren’t quite soggy either; al dente, perhaps?

Corn on the cob – buttered – wrapped in foil and tossed on the grill.

Filet Mignon – rubbed down in pepper (and maybe a few other spices) and just a touch of sea salt – placed on the grill with a pat of butter on top for five minutes, flipped for another five minutes with another pat of butter on top.

Garlic Bread – a hunk of soft deliciousness buttered up and sprinkled with garlic powder – tossed in the oven until the butter and garlic powder have melted together.

Salad – romaine, spinach, tomato, carrots, sunflower seeds, pecan bits, dried cranberries, feta, italian dressing.

Wine – pinot noir… though, I’m not really picky and a Newcastle would be just as good.

And the great thing about this meal?  I can have it whenever I want because I’m the grill master extraordinaire here in the Matticus Kingdom.