Long ropes, short ropes, fat ropes, thin ropes
Dangling, looping, holding, waiting
Each with a purpose, a service
And each tied with a knot
Bowlines, cleat hitches, anchor bends, clove hitches, sheepshanks

Sometimes for fun, sometimes while under the gun
I’ve needed them, learned them, used them
Taut twisting tensile tangles
But not all that fraught
Bowlines, cleat hitches, anchor bends, clove hitches, sheepshanks

Funny names, silly names, sea-faring names
Belying, hiding, masking, tricking
Their worth beyond a berth
In the desert I was taught
Bowlines, cleat hitches, anchor bends, clove hitches, sheepshanks



Another entry from the Santa Barbara Chalk Art Festival a couple years ago, or maybe last year, I don’t really remember.  Life in the toddlerocracy can be a blur at times…  Anyway, this one called out to me while we were walking around admiring the art.  If you’ve followed any of my camping and backpacking adventures, you know that I’m a sucker for reflective water.  I really like the way that is captured in this work.  The muted tones.  The movement of the water.  The streaks of light.  I find it beautiful.

I’m by no means a beach bum.  My heart belongs to the mountains.  But, there is something romantic and magical about the ocean and cities by the sea.  It is likely high on the list of reasons why I’ve never left the coast to live elsewhere.  Yet.  One day I will.  When that day comes I am glad to know that I will have art like this to remind me of the beauty I have been able to witness firsthand.


You are like the Ocean...
Image Credit: o-BlueMoon-o – Click the image to see a bigger, better version.

My worst nightmare: lost at sea.

Growing up I had a lot of crazy dreams.  I was chased by dinosaurs that came from the past through a portal at the back of my pool.  My house was crushed by a giant scorpion that we then had to fight off.  Bears, hunting me.  Etc…  And, more recently, I’ve had dreams where I’m in a car that is being chased and shot at.

Good times, right?

Interestingly enough, I’ve never had falling dreams.  I’ve never had any dreams about work (or school) anxiety.  I’ve never really had any of those nightmares that everyone seems to have at some point or other throughout their lives.

And, I’ve never had a dream where I was lost at sea, adrift on the rolling ocean with no land in sight, no supplies left, no company, no hope.

But, the thought terrifies me more than anything else.

The dinosaurs and scorpions were the dreams of an imaginative child’s mind trying to process new knowledge and fears.  They hold no power over me anymore.  The shoot-out dreams have occurred so frequently recently that I know they are a dream now while it is unfolding and I can use that knowledge to wake up or shift to something different.  The bears… well, they still creep me out.  But, not as much as open water.  Nowhere near as much.

And perhaps that is why I’ve never had dreams about it, because the idea is so completely horrifying that even while I’m dreaming my mind won’t let my subconscious explore the possibilities…

What do you think?

What terrifies you more than anything else?

Write it, link it to this week’s Once More With Feeling post, and publish it to play along in the fun.

What is that?

 photo Fish_zpsecb27148.jpg


“How’s it going?”

“Can’t complain, and you?”

“Yeah, same ol’ same ol.  How’s the family?”

“Good.  We had a net scare a week or so back, but we came out of it okay.  How’s your missus?”

“She’s good too.  She’s been pestering me about finding a different school, but I’m comfortable here.”

“I know what you mean.”

“Hey, did you see that strange shadow near the surface?”

“The what?  Oh, yeah, that.  It’s weird, right?”

“Very.  It doesn’t look like any fish I know.”

“Yeah, I thought about swimming up to see what it was, but I didn’t want to break formation.”

“I hear ya.”

“Anyway, time to move on.  I’ll see you around.”

“Yep, have a good one.”


Just a bit of silliness in response to Moi’s picture writing prompt for the week.

It Came In Waves

It came in waves.

“It,” here, is referring to the tide.

Starting over…

The tide came in waves, like it always does, and Jordan watched from a bench adjacent to the strand.  The rolling ocean, the spraying foam, the roaring sea could all be appreciated from a safe distance and without knowing whether the tide was in fact coming in.  For all Jordan knew the tide could have actually been going out.  One more uncertainty in a life currently full of them.

Jordan did know, however, that it was cold.  Freezing, in fact.  A hooded sweatshirt had been donned for the trip down to the beach, and even huddled in that the cold seeped through.  Chilling.  Biting.  The wind coming off the waves ate through that sweatshirt effortlessly, stealing all thoughts and leaving no additional room in Jordan’s mind for anything other than the pain associated with the bitter chill.

Which wasn’t actually a complaint.  The cold, the shivering, the pain were all more inviting thoughts than what had sent Jordan to the beach in the first place.  The trek had been meant to allow some time for reflection and mind clearing to make a decision once and for all, a decision that had always plagued Jordan.

Making final, permanent, decisions had always been a struggle.

Eventually, Jordan rose from his bench, left the waves behind, and returned home having completely forgotten the reason for heading out to the beach in the first place: making a decision on being a he or a she.  With a name like “Jordan” it could go either way.  Alas, Jordan ruminated upon entering the warm kitchen, the decision would have to wait for another time.

Uncaring, unconcerned, uninterested, it, the tide, continued to come in waves.  Like it always does.


This bit of silliness, and I have no idea where it came from, and I hope you found it silly too because that is how I intended it, is in response to the current InMon Writing Prompt:


The Rules

There are none. Read the prompts, get inspired, write something. No word count minimum or maximum. You don’t have to include the exact prompt in your piece, and you can interpret the prompt(s) any way you like.


No really; I need rules!

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