There were so many turtles.  We stopped by the shores of the pond to stretch our legs before getting back in the car for the long drive home and the turtles popped up from all over.  Their heads barely breaking the surface to study us before pulling back underneath only to pop up again a few feet closer.

There were so many turtles.  I think they must get fed by the strangers and daily visitors and maybe even by the people who maintain the adjacent park because why else would they come fearlessly close to investigate us?  They must expect food from the people who visit their pond.

There were so many turtles and I do not think we were supposed to feed them, but when I look at this picture I can’t help but feel that perhaps I was wrong.  Perhaps we were supposed to feed them.  Perhaps that was the cost for visiting their shores and strolling through their park.

There were so many turtles and I hope they can forgive me my ignorance if I have done wrong.

Third Times a Charm

Well, actually, the first and second times around were a charm as well.  Congratulations to Misty May Treanor and Kerri Walsh Jennings on their third consecutive Olympic gold.  And to win it again only dropping a single set (bringing their total of dropped sets for all of their Olympic matches to all of 1) is a remarkable testament to how dominating they have been in beach volleyball and how talented they remain.  Though all records are made to be broken, I believe it will be many, many years before any other beach team breaks theirs. 

Now if we could just carry their momentum of another gold into revamping the AVP and getting a solid season or two of that going again…  but considering Misty has already said she is going to retire again shortly and none of the men’s teams advanced to gold or bronze medal matches I just don’t know if the girl’s can carry it on their own. 

The AVP does have two events on the docket for this year: Cincinnati – Labor Day Weekend; and Santa Barbara – (the following weekend) Sept 7 – 9.  I unfortunately won’t be able to make it to either of those (even though I’d normally make the Santa Barbara one) but hopefully enough other people come out and support the tour that they can get even more slotted for next year.  I miss going to the tournaments.


Going to change gears a bit and talk about penalty kicks some more.  I feel like I’ve just about talked this subject into submission in my last couple posts but events unfolded yesterday that I felt warranted further discussion.

Barcelona and Manchester United played a pre-season friendly to a scoreless draw through 90 minutes (some goal keeping heroics by DeGea of United on one end and a missed PK oppurtunity by Wayne Rooney on the other).  To decide a winner, while I’m not entirely sure why that was necessary in a pre-season friendly, they went to penalty kicks afterwards where Barcelona made theirs and United missed theirs.  But, why did it go to penalties in the first place?

You could argue that there was no reason to push the issue at the end because the game really meant nothing and they didn’t want to risk injury in pursuit of the winning goal during normal time… but the teams that were on the field at the end were the second and third string players and so injury concern is less of a factor.  So, why then, weren’t they actively risking a loss and pushing for a late winner, trying to impress their managers, trying to avoid penalties? 

I don’t know.  Perhaps their managers told them to take it easy…  it’s certainly not how I would operate.  Which brings me to my next round of questions.

Carrick, a midfielder, may be starting the season as a backup for Manchester United’s defensive line while some of our players return to fitness and rehab from injury.  And last year we had some issues in defense as well…  So, why are we chasing down Robin Van Persie’s signature?  Do we really need Rooney, Wellbeck, Chicharito, Berbatov and RVP?

Yes, Berbatov has expressed interest in moving on and if United get the right offer he will probably be gone shortly so maybe we are going after RVP to replace him as a target forward.  But, do we really think he will have repeat of his outstanding season last year?  Do we really think he will stay healthy for a whole season again?  Odds are against both of those.  I’d rather save the money and invest in youth again…

Then again, that’s just me, and I’m no Sir Alex Ferguson.  In Fergie we trust.

In any case, I’m very excited for the Premier League season to be starting up again.  It will interesting to see if City can come close to the form they had last year, if Arsenal can somehow stay in the top four after selling off their best players again (though they did bring in Podolski which I thought was a good signing for them), if Liverpool can drag themselves back into the top four, and if Chelsea can challenge again. 

Of course, I hope my beloved Red Devils dominate on all fronts.