Rules in the Kingdom

We have a very special treat today.  (Hopefully you all aren’t treated out after Halloween…)  Zoe, from Behind the Mask of Abuse and We Poets Show It fame, has stopped by the Kingdom to impart some much-needed knowledge:

Wow so this is what’s it’s like in the Kingdom.  What’s with that anyway DJMatticus, your royal…well heiness? (Is that how you spell it?) I’m not used to that word or being in the presence of royalty for that matter.   Whilst I’m on the subject of royalty, am I now a royal since I’m in here?  What’s my title Mr. big royal guy?

Oh by the way, I’m Zoe nice to meet you all. Thank you King DJ for daring to invite me into your castle. I should whisper to you King (Everyone plug your ears)  Your castle could use a good cleaning. It’s a bit dusty and messy in here.

Surely you have help…

Hmmm… that leads me to rules…Great seguay Eh? Eh? (Ya ya I’m Canadian)  King DJ Matticus asked me to type out a list of the rules of life.  Apparently he never got the memo, which I think is quite weird given he’s the king, royalty and all. Anyway, where was I…Oh yes rules.

His royal DJ, likes to plead the fifth a lot.  I told him today that he’s going to run out if he keeps it up, to which he responded, he didn’t know running out was a possibility, and he should stop.  I agreed, while telling him it is a rule.  So here are the written rules your majesty…Or should Majesty be capitalized?

So rule # 1:

One must not plead the fifth more than once a month or they will run out

Rule # 2:

One must keep one’s castle clean and dust free lest one has an allergy attack…ha ha choo

Rule # 3:

One must not use the word “one” more than once in a post.

Rule # 4:

Do as I say not as one does

Rule # 5:

One must keep up with the memo’s especially when one is King (not mentioning any names of course)

Rule #6:

One must read every post of every blogger followed, every day. Especially mine, even if it means giving up a day job. (Can a King give up his job anyway?)

Rule #7:

One must follow his royalness DJ Matticus and read all his posts. Leave responses and “likes” freely and often

Rule #8:

Laugh often (Even when he only thinks he’s funny)

Rule #9:

I have two blogs nuff said

Rule #10:

Follow all the above rules

I hope this clears up any future confusion. Now, DJ Matticus can no longer claim he hasn’t got the memo.

As you all were…Are you all still here?  Don’t you have blogs to read, posts to type?

The show’s over, on your way…

You in the corner you too, off with you lest you want to lose your head.

There’s hope.


Yes, there is hope, and there is also much more to read!  You should definitely check out Zoe’s poetry book: If I Could Write My Heart.

And Hopes Flight co-written by Kirsten A. and Zoe

And here are a few other posts from her blog that you should read as well:

just a simple tool

I have this thing, one of those little things, that is a huge part of who I am, but most people don’t even know about it.

If I am dressed, or not going to an airport, then there is a knife in the left pocket of whatever pair of pants I’m wearing.  The knife itself has changed several times over the years as my collection expanded and my tastes changed… but, as a item, as a thing, there has been one there since I left home to go to college.

Before then the knife was there as well, just not while I was at school.  They frown on that sort of behavior.

The knife is a tool and I’ve used it as such on numerous occasions.  It helps me open my mail.  It helps me open packaging.  It helped me screw down the bindings on my snowboard when one of them popped off halfway down a run.  It helped me worked on my truck in the middle of nowhere when I needed a quick fix.  It has been well used and will continue to be so.  But, having it there as a very handy tool is only half of the story.  The other half is what it represents, what it means to me…

My father always carries a knife in his pocket.  My older brother always carries a knife in his pocket.  My grandfather always carried a knife in his pocket.  My uncles and older cousins always carry knives in their pockets.  This was just something we knew when we were growing up.  Adults carried one with them because they are a great tool for many reasons and occasions.

But, you had to earn the right to carry one first.

This brings me to my scouting career, and earning my Whittler’s Chip – just a piece of paper with a few safety rules, my signature and the signature of my scout leader saying I would always be safe and always respect the knife as a tool.  Having that handed to me and getting my very first knife along with it was one of the proudest moments I can remember from my childhood.  It was the start of growing up.  If I could be trusted with that then who knows what new responsibilities (and adventures) I would be trusted with each day after that.

So, now, any time I pull out my knife to help with a project I look back with wonder at how far I’ve come.  I remember scouting and I remember my whole family – all of the adults I looked up to, admired, and wanted to be like when I grew up.

It is a constant reminder, sitting idling in my pocket, to make sure I’m being the kind of person I want to be, the kind of person that my family can be proud of.

It’s such a simple thing, but it’s so much more…




epic again

Revis Edgewater nominated me for the:


This one is just so much easier to show, rather than say… It’s a total tongue twisting teaser that tangles thoughts thoroughly, though that theoretically isn’t its intent.  Hmm, can an award have an intent?  The giver, yes, but the award itself?  Something to ponder later, perhaps.

Let’s bask in the epic awesomeness of this award shall we?


Yes, that’s quite nice.  I do so enjoy being considered epically awesome.

Hmm, you are right, there generally are rules associated with these types of things.  How good of you to notice.  And this is no exception, except (oh, there is an exception) this time there’s only one!  (One rule, and one exception.  Coincidence?)

  • Tell 10 epic and/or awesome facts about yourself

1)   I like alliteration.
2)   I like the word “shenanigans.”
3)   I like sun -rises and -sets equally.
4)   I like body surfing.
5)   I like mocha’s.
6)   I like the smell of rain.
7)   I like river fishing.
8)   I like climbing trees.
9)   I like cheetahs.
10) I like when I’ve completed a list.

And my nominations for the Epically Awesome Award of Epic Awesomeness are:

1)   fortyoneteen
2)   blog of the imaginator
3)   anyone’s ghost
4)   knocked over by a feather
5)   the foodie farmer
6)   the mercenary researcher
7)   carrie rubin
8)   so i went undercover
9)   sketches and scribbles
10) the serenity space

All of these bloggers are truly awesomesuace in their own way.  The Kingdom strongly encourages you to go forth and see what they have to offer in the way of entertainment, challenges, delights, and mysteries.  And make sure you show Revis some love too… he knows people… it’s best to stay on his good side…  That’s really all I can say.

the son of an engineer

That sort of says it all, right?

I’d love to say that I was the type of person who never planned out anything and was always content to just go with the flow, let spontaneity rule the day, make and change plans on a whim.  And, while I am very good at going with the flow, I’m Gumby, I can bend without breaking whenever needed, I’m not comfortable unless there is a plan in place.

It can all get scrapped, switched up, recreated, and set to the side, but I’m not comfortable unless I go into something with an action plan, a road map, a set of guidelines.  From travel to my day to day routines, I want/need to start each day knowing (or at least thinking I know) what I’m going to be doing that day, when, and where.

Except, when it comes to writing.  I hardly ever make an outline ahead of time for any of my writing projects, I just sit down and see where the words take me.  Using this post as an example, I had no idea I was going to use writing as a caveat to my “need for a plan” mentality until I had come up with the Gumby comparison.

Yes, I’m silly like that.

What about you?

Lovely and Inspiring

I’ve been nominated for three awards!  In less than 24 hours.  Oh my, oh my, and oh my…

AnnaDango nominated me for the Liebster Award – which due to some requirements (“new” blog and/or fewer than 200 followers) I have to decline.  But you should all check out this and this

What did you think?  Good stuff, right?  Right.  I hope you clicked on the follow button while you were over there so you can ride along with the Rat Diaries.


Ever had an addiction?  Steph has, and you can read about it here.  Once you are there, and I know you will click on these links because the power of my words compels you, you will also see that she has nominated me for the One Lovely Blog Award.

Or, for those who need pictures, this:

proper one-lovely-blog-award

It is kind of lovely isn’t it?  The award that it is.  My blog is … well, boring, plain, default.  Perhaps the words aren’t.  That may be up for some debate, but Steph at least seems to think they are lovely, and considering the source that is quite the compliment.  So, take a moment, right click on either of the two links above and open in a new window.  Or, you can open this link as well:  Go.  Read.  Now.  Enjoy. 

Yes, in that order.  I’ll wait.


Okay, she’s amazing right?  Glad we agree.  Now, on to business:

7 Things About Me:

1 – I may or may not have an addiciton to movies, battery acid, and/or grumpy cat memes.
2 – I’m a gemini.  I’m a gemini.  (Wait, did I just say that twice?)
3 – My favorite web comics are probably CAD and Questionable Content.
4 – I was accepted to college as a Bio-Chem major, graduated with a degree in Psychology and working in Banking.  It all kind of makes sense to me.
5 – I use: Way. Too. Much. Punctuation, in my writing.  Hmm, maybe you already knew that?
6 – I used to do crazy things on my rollerblades.  Crazy.  Things.  (See, what did you I tell you about the punctuation?) 
7 – I sometimes wonder when I’m going to feel like an adult.  Does that happen all at once?  Is it happening gradually over time?  Will it happen when I become a parent?  Will it happen when my parents aren’t around anymore?


(Drum roll please.)  And the new nominations for the One Lovely Blog Award are:


In other news, TheLoneSheWolf nominated me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award:


After you’ve clicked on those links, you should click on this one too:

(Links, links, links – this post is just one giant link fest, isn’t it?)

And now we are all agreed, yes?  Fantastic, yes?  Great!

7 things about me:

1 – I feel like we pretty much already covered 7 things about me today.
2 – I feel pretty much well loved through my blog.
3 – I feel happy, oh so happy.  (sing song)
4 – I feel like being silly.  Maybe I should go to Camelot?
5 – I feel like if you have made it this far down in this post you are my hero.
6 – I feel like if you have made it this far, and you leave a comment, and you click on all the links, you will be whatever is above hero status in my book.
7 – I feel like “7” is one too many things to have to post about myself. 

(Second drum roll please).  And the nominations for the Very Inspring Blog Award are: