Q and A Public Servant

And now for something … exactly the same and completely different all at the same time.  We’ve been here before, you and I.  And, yes, that was a Monty Python reference swiftly followed by a Matrix reference, how good of you to notice.  Neither of those have anything to do with this week’s theme.  See if you can spot it.

It shouldn’t be too hard, it’s right there in the post title…  Sometimes I just make these things too easy for you.

Get on with it?  Okay, here goes:

Over the years I’ve incorporated a whole lot, some might even say a plethora (of pinatas?), of movie dialogue into my day-to-day lingo.  The following is an example of that.

Q: What do you say when you want someone to know you will always, and I mean always, have their back?
A: “You go. We go.”
– Lt. Stephan McCaffrey (Kurt Russell) – Backdraft

Q: When you walk into an office building and have to look up on the directory where you are headed next, what should you say when you find your answer?
A: “Why does it always have to be the 12th floor? Why cant they be on the 4th?”
– Lenny Richter (Robert Patrick) – Ladder 49

Q: What do you answer when someone asks who you are?
A: “Just a fly in the ointment, Hans. The monkey in the wrench. The pain in the ass.”
– John McClane (Bruce Willis) – Die Hard

Q: What do you say when you are asked why you are acting more peculiar than normal?
A: “I’d always had nightmares, but now the ghosts didn’t wait for me to sleep.”
– Frank Pierce (Nicolas Cage) – Bringing Out the Dead

Q: What do you say after you’ve hit someone upside the back of their head (Jethro Gibbs style) or kicked them… well, you know where?
A: “Sorry, just had to jog your thinking!”
– Gus Mally (Sandra Locke) – The Gauntlet

Q: What do you say to someone who’s blocking your path?
A: “Get out of the way, Hammerhead.”
– Harry Callahan (Clint Eastwood) – Dirty Harry

Q: What do you say to someone who is about to move in with you?
A: “These are the simple rules. No barking, no growling, you will not lift your leg to anything in this house. This is not your room. No slobbering, no chewing, you will wear a flea collar. This is not your room. No begging for food, no sniffing of crotches, and you will not drink from my toilet. This is not your room.”
– Scott Turner (Tom Hanks) – Turner and Hooch

Q: What do you ask someone when…   Honestly, I’m not sure why you would ever ask someone this, but if you can think of a good reason, you should definitely do so.
A: “Do you know you have an animal growing out of your pants?”
– Tracy (Mel Harris) – K-9

Q: What do you say when a situation is getting out of hand?
A: “There’s something fishy going on here, and I don’t think it’s the chicken.”
– Pete Sandich (Richard Dreyfuss) – Always

Q: What do you say to someone who is bowing down to you?  (It’s a common problem for a king.)
A: “Farley! You’re drooling all over my Reeboks!”
– Savannah (Elaine Wilkes) – Paramedics


Another successful theme, I’d say, and who’d disagree with me?  No one.  Exactly.  Thanks for riding along on this public service adventure.  Never forget, here there be monsters, cops, firemen, and a few paramedics too.  I think more kids should be trying these at at home these days, playing outside, rather than sitting online, except to read everything going on in the kingdom, of course.