Image Credit: Mark Boster / LA Times – Click the picture to follow the link to the article that inspired what follows.

The walls and black scars, full of screaming metal, crept across the land,
A progressively greedy excess without permission, balance or order,
And the ancestral paths of the pack were cut and buried asunder,
Forcing them to wander further away from the shifting sand,
To provide their families with food and sheltered dens,
Under the disdainful, entitled, glare of fearful men.

We are supposed to be knowledgeable and civilized,
And should be mindful of our encroachment,
Change our behavior and sentiment,
To achieve the ultimate prize,
And coexist peacefully,
As it should be.

Instead, we condone shooting coyotes with paintballs…

Is that really who we have become?

Let Them Eat Cake

The system is broken – so sayeth Fishie, and I completely agree with her. Pop on over to read what has both of us irrate at the moment. Maybe together we can come up with a good solution, because something needs to change. The system has been broken for too long and should not be tolerated as is anymore.

Fish Of Gold

I’ve complained many times before about how there is little justice in the justice system. The laws of nature and the laws of man are not fair in the least.

This is 2014, yet money can still buy freedom. If you can’t afford freedom, well, too bad. You can eat in jail.

I heard a story this morning on the NPR about poor people going to prison because they cannot afford court costs. This should not be. You should not have freedom because you are rich and you should not go to jail because you are poor.

In the story, they talked to one man who lost a job he was about to start because he spent 22 days in prison. He didn’t have enough money to pay court costs.

In Grand Rapids, Mich., Stephen Papa, a homeless Iraq War veteran, spent 22 days in jail, not for what…

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