we shall see


I see you, seeing me.
Asking questions with those eyes.
Preparing your blatant lies.
You can’t fool the jester.

We shall see what we shall see.
That’s how the saying goes.
That’s how the fiction grows.
I’m more than silly, mister.

Spinning rhymes, let it be,
And my gaze will find the truth,
More than words and more than proof.
More than sins that pester.

My sight looks out to be free.
Though my heart knows its place,
And I’m too tired to race.
So my words only fester.


Blah.  I’ve sat down to write a post with this picture for the last couple days, and nothing came to me, so then it became this hurdle I had to get through.  And prove that I could do it?  Or, maybe just be done with it so I could move on to something else?  Or, maybe just because I’m stubborn?  Hell if I’m going to let this picture thwart me!  Something like that.

Anyway, this was a completely accidental selfie.  I was at the beach and squinting against the setting sun to try and catch the rays stretching across the breakers, and couldn’t see what I was looking at.  I’d flipped the camera around and had forgotten to switch it back.  Whoops.  I love how it turned out, though.

Not as big a fan of the poem/rap I came up with to go along with it… but, looking for silver linings, at least I wrote something and am posting it?  Sure.  Why not.  That’s as good a place as any to start.  So, here we go… picture and some words…  and, maybe this will kick off more of both to be shared with all my faithful kingdomites out there?  We shall see.

and then there was silence

There was a month of posts.
And then there was a day of silence.
Which did you prefer?  The chaos or the calm?
There were truths that were hidden and lies that were boasts.
And then there was a day to reflect and see what actually made sense.
Did you see they were the same?  Sleight of hand leaves only an empty palm.
Change is coming as it always does.
You can nod your head in understanding,
But I don’t even know what that will mean yet.
Why?  Because.
If I’m left standing,
After I repay my debts,
Perhaps I’ll share my regrets,
And an insight into my mindset.
That is,
A threat.


I’m not disappearing for good.  That’s not my intention or plan.  But, this month will be much quieter in the kingdom than usual and compared to November it is going to seem like a ghost town.  A kingdom of memories and ghosts…  There’s a story in there perhaps but it will have to wait.  I have projects that need my attention and a family that deserves more of me than they’ve been getting recently.  So, I will quietly slip away for a bit to enjoy this holiday season as much as I can, and I hope you, wherever you are and whatever your obligations, can do the same.  Happy holidays.

Jesterly Challenge Month – November 23rd

Dani challenged me (again) to write a spooky rhyming poem.  I quoted her a bit of The Raven, and she said “exactly.”  Well, she said something like that; I didn’t write it down.  Anyway, give the following a read and let me know how I did in the comments.


Lightning flashes and catches my eye,
As thousands of sparkling devils try,
In every rain drop gathered on the pane,
To shatter and batter my frayed nerves again.

Then the thunder strolls and rolls through,
The bones of my house shiver anew,
My teeth rattle in incessant prattle,
And fear grips and rips my heart on the mantle.

It’s there, biding and hiding, now,
Since she pulled it out, don’t ask me how,
And set it on high on a plate, like pie,
For me to stare and glare and enviously sigh.

The gaping and seeping chest wound,
Shall never heal despite time’s find tune,
And the resultant wage shall stay savage,
All the long and gone days until I’m ashes.

Be mindful and careful with trust,
Don’t give it away cheaply with lust,
Or one day it may be your heart removed,
And placed beating and dripping, your love refused.

Lightning flashes and catches my eye,
This storm will never fully pass by.
Forever I’ll quake, as my house shakes,
Forlornly and stubbornly watch my heart ache.

Jesterly Challenge Month – November 18th

For today’s post, i challenged myself to write a terrible haiku.  I claim victory on this one.  No matter what you say in the comments, I know I have successfully met this challenge:

This haiku is fluff
I didn’t give you long enough
To send me prompt stuff

Plus it’s terrible
Rhymes can’t save unbearable
With nothing seasonal

I’mma stop right here
This has gone too far I fear
Bye-bye blogosphere


Paired pelicans precariously perched,
pondering plums, potential plans,
preening phantoms painfully parched,
phoenixesque problems,
plaguing pesky pagans.


Just a bit of silliness in response to the current Poetry Prompt at We Drink Because We’re Poets: “pick a letter from the alphabet and write a poem – so that each word in your poem starts with that letter.”