where were you?

I was there when Landon Donovan hoisted the MLS Cup this afternoon…

I was there when Juninho borrowed one of the giant Galaxy flags and waved it in celebration.

I was there when David Beckham was substituted in stoppage time at the end of the second half to a prolonged standing ovation.

I was there when Beckham threw himself at the far post trying to turn in Robbie Keane’s cross.

I was there when Robbie Keane slotted home the third Galaxy goal and went into his sommersaulting routine, knowing he had just put the game out of Houston’s reach.

I was there when Landon Donovan sent his spot kick bulging out the back of the net to put the Galaxy in the lead.

I was there when Omar Gonzalez rose highest and slotted home the equalizer.

I was there while Josh Saunders came up with save after save to keep the Galaxy in the game.

I was there early, I was there late, I was there singing, and chanting, and clapping and screaming.

I am losing my voice, much to my wife’s immense humor.  Totally worth it.


Adieu Beckham.  You are class.  You’re heart and your quality can never be questioned.  Thank you for the six years of memories and best of luck on your next adventure.

Donovan…  if you choose to walk away, I support that 100%, you need to do what is right for you.  But you will be missed.

Omar Gonzalez, you fully deserved the MVP today.  Thank you for being the general on that back line and cleaning up cross after cross after cross.

Robbie Keane, thank you, thank you, thank you!

Is it March yet?  I’m ready for the next season to begin now!

here we go again

And just like that, the Los Angeles Galaxy have booked their place in the post season again.  Were you worried?  I was…

I was worried at the beginning of the season when all of our talent was going to waste – we looked uninspired, bored, timid and were leaking goals like crazy.  We finally got most of that sorted out (thank goodness for Omar Gonzales) and have really turned things around.  From worst to, well, nipping at the heals of first.

But, there were moments in last night’s game where we were starting to look like the team from the beginning of the season again.  We started off great.  A wonderfully placed Juninho free kick, a thunderbolt also from Juninho, and a well worked team goal that led to Robbie Keane slotting home.  3 unanswered goals… and then we switched off a bit and let them score one.  Then in the second half we couldn’t seem to get the end product to return to that two goal cushion.  We had lots of creativity, lots of chances, but none of them were finding the back of the net.  The Toronto scored again…

I’ll admit it.  I was nervous.  Though Toronto never looked like scoring the equalizing goal, they never looked like they had any goals in them yesterday and somehow had managed to slot 2 home.  Why not a third?  Robbie Keane’s brilliance in slotting home his second of the night with a well worked move in the box and then a powerful shot driven past the Toronto Keeper settled it all.

So, is this a sign of what is to come in the post season?  We may let in some goals, we may find ourselves riding the edges of our coaches as nerves settle in, but in the end our class and talent will show through…  Do we have a shot at repeating?

I’ve always said the Supportors Shield is the only trophy I care about – the team with the best record at the end of the season.  But, if we win the cup again this year, hypocritically, I’ll be celebrating as if that’s the one that matters the most.  Hey, silverware is silverware.

Come on Galaxy!