a year ago today

I started The Matticus Kingdom here on Word Press with a small amount of rambling and one sentence that summed it all up: “It’s an adventure.”

And an adventure it has been.

I’ve had some friends over and gone visiting too.  We had some great times and even managed a game or two of tug-of-war.  I’ve written an entire story and have been steadily working a second, while also typing up some fiction in response to challenges here and hereAwards were received and re-gifted.  And you all suffered patiently through me waxing philosophical about the beautiful game from time to time.  And you’ve been even more patient with my movie quoting madness.

Looking back, there have been some great moments:

I was Freshly Pressed for my “Potential.”
I told you about the day I got married, it was surreal.
And wrote a love poem to my wife.
I let out my inner cadence.
I brought a friend to tears.
I explained why Tuesday is the worst day of the week.  (It’s true, it is.)
I may have laughed at the expense of others.
I welcomed my son into the world.  (I still haven’t given him the keys to the kingdom.)

And, well, all of them.  I’d link back to all my posts because I’ve enjoyed every single one of them and every single moment spent on Word Press.  That is entirely because of you dear readers, faithful followers, wonderful kingdomites.  You’ve made this whole crazy ride worthwhile.

So, thank you.

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