is this a joke?

Three people walk into a bar…

As the observer of this catastrophe I find it odd that the bar is big enough for all three to walk into at once.

They sat at a table near the middle and shouted together “wine and beer!”

Then immediately walk back out after realizing they had left their ID’s at home.

One of them calls out in a southern drawl, “I’m looking for the man who shot my paw…”

One of them asks the bartender with all seriousness, “Do you have any duck food?”

They sit at a table, and when the server comes to take their order they ask for, “One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer.”

They look at each other and then decide to go someplace else.  The sign over the bar reads “Camelot,” and they are in the mood for something less silly.

Sheb’s plunking out a honky-tonk version of “Hey Jude” on a worn out piano in the corner.  The world may have moved on, but somethings will never change.

The call themselves The Wolfpack.  They order Jaeger shots all around and then hilarity and calamity ensue.


Who can catch all the literary, musical, and movie references?

Bonus points go to anyone who can tell me the rest of the “duck food” joke.