which fight would you hope for?

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Teeth, large, rounded and shaped into a menacing smile, emerged from the darkness.  I saw them and paused to determine their source and their intention but they disappeared as quickly as they’d come forth.  The image of them, however, was burned in gleaming terror on the surface of my mind.

If I could trust my eyes, then my path was fraught with danger.  If I could not trust my eyes, then my mind had finally slipped free of the anchors that tethered it to what is real and true.  Either way, a fight was coming.  The type, external or internal, would be determined soon enough.

I was braced for the gnash of teeth on flesh and my hands were balled into fists at my sides.  If the beast flew at me from the darkness ahead I was ready to fight for the ground I had gained.  I was braced for additional visions of my mounting insanity and my eyes kept weary watch for anything beyond the truths of the world.  If my mind failed me I was ready to fight for whatever remained.

I stepped forward bravely.  Whatever waited in the shadows, beast or madness, made no move as I gained distance on the worn path.  I walked with purpose and pride.  We may get hints about the future, small glimpses stolen from the flashes along the periphery of our sight and thoughts, but nothing is ever certain except the present.  We can only ever control our here and now in the immediate, and I was determined to do so stoically.

What else could I do?

What would you do?

Have you ever seen something you knew wasn’t real?


And Last But By No Means Least – Dacia Wilkinson

Click on over to read the final Fauxpocalypse author interview. The word brooding is mentioned, along with a brief discussion around the effects of the moon, and a bunch of other random (and not so random) awesomeness.



The last story in Fauxpocalypse, Full Moon, the talented and prolific Dacia Wilkinson. Today on Paws4Thought we welcome Dacia. Tell us a little bit about yourself, 

I’m an Oklahoma girl living in St. Louis. Of course, I’ve been in Missouri now longer than I lived in Oklahoma, but you just can’t take the Oklahoma out of the girl. Most of my work has some Oklahoma in it. By trade I’m an English teacher, who also teaches Psychology, at a local trade school. I’m in love with that part of my life, just like I’m loving the other part of me who is a wife and mother to 6. My husband is a self-employed landscaper who spends his free time on a Harley. Our 6 kiddos range in age from 17 to 6. Ours is a busy existence – and life is good, even when it’s hectic. I struggle…

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Say Hello to Kim Plummer

Click on over for another Fauxpocalypse author interview and then click from there over to “Forty’s” website and make sure you are following. Her words are worth it.





Today on Paws4Thought I’m pleased to introduce Fauxpocalypse author Kim Plummer. Tell us a little bit about yourself Kim.

Second of three daughters, born of an electrician and a dancer, my role in school and at home was “The Clumsy Clown”. Too tall to be average, I grew up in a hunch, trying as best I could not to stand out. A few years back, I suddenly found myself single for the first time since I was twenty! Then I discovered a whole new version of me. A version that doesn’t mind standing tall. I have a nice life in Sydney, Australia, with my twin daughters, Penny and Lucy. And my Clark Kent cover? During the day, mild-mannered Preschool Teacher!

When did you first start writing?

My blog was born just over a year ago. At the same time I penned a novel, which to date sits waiting, almost patiently, on…

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Meet Jane Thomson

Another Fauxpocalypse interview. Click on over to learn about Jane Thomson, her other writing endeavors, and how you too can win 1 Million Dollars. (Totally kidding about the winning money part, but still worth clicking over just to make sure I’m not kidding about kidding, isn’t it?)




Today Paws4Thought welcomes Fauxpocalypse author Jane Thomson. Tell us a little bit about yourself Jane.

I live in the capital of Australia, which is basically a small town no one goes to unless they have to.  My great dream is to live in the mountains with only ten dogs, three horses and a couple of echidnas for company.  My great nightmare is to be so successful as a writer that people demand that I finish my next book (pressure!).

How did you come up with the idea for your Fauxpocalypse story The Children’s Crusade?

The Children’s Crusade was a tragic crusade to Palestine organized in the middle ages: most of the kids died on the way and many ended up being sold as slaves.  I was trying to imagine a child’s eye view of this momentous event – the apocalypse – and came up with the idea of…

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A Conversation with Adrian George Nicolae

Another Fauxpocalypse author interview. Dreaming in different languages, Wall-E, and food are all discussed. Or, are they? You’ll have to click over to find out.



Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I’m a 24-year old from Bucharest, Romania. Besided writing, I do voice over.

In my non-writing time I like to learn through MOOC’s (massive online open courses) on sites like Coursera and Iversity (among others) or see inspiring videos about design and success.

And I like to eat a lot, although I’m somewhat skinny 🙂

(DMK: I’m sure a lot of folks are jealous of that!)

Do you normally write in English or your native Romanian? Which language do you dream in?

In English. In Romanian I wrote about 3-4 things and I switched to English soon after. It’s the language I enjoy writing and speaking in, even though I don’t have anyone with whom to speak.

When I dream (because it happens rarely) it’s a mix between both languages.  Some freakier, but more to the psyche are in Romanian, or from…

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