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One week done in this month of blogging every day…

I don’t get out and about much anymore, across the blogosphere, so what have I missed out there?

Post in the comments some of the blogs you enjoyed the most this week (your own or others’) and I’ll do my best to click through.

Yes, yes, this is totally a filler post, but I know you won’t hold that against me, my faithful kingdomites.  You never have been before…

And, I am serious.  What did you enjoy?  Post it in the comments so I can enjoy it too.

Truth and Fiction 4


Though, of course, we’ve already agreed that is a terrible title for this series.  What can I say?  I’m a sucker for routine.

The Fiction:

The high altitude air was so much thinner than he was used to.  Having come from sea level, his whole body was unaccustomed to the lack of weight in each lung filling breath.  It caused him to gasp at times chaotically through the laborious hours of the day.  It caused him to tremble when there didn’t seem enough to carry on and he wondered if he would fall before the darkness took him or the other way around.

Even the warmth of the day seemed effected by the thinness of the air as it fled quickly after the sun began its descent below the horizon.  While the light still kissed the sky, the temperature would plummet faster than seemed possible until layers were forced to be added or additional shivers and shakes would wrack his frame.

Some small comfort could be taken from the fire each night.  It became a beacon of hope for the day ahead and a victory torch for the day already survived.  It could not hold back the cold completely, for only the surfaces facing it would warm until he found himself constantly turning back to front and front to back to give each angle of himself an opportunity in its caress, but it was certainly better than not having a fire at all.


The Truth:

I have two copies of The Erratic Sun signed by myself and by Revis (yes, by both authors).  I was thinking of giving them to people who promised to write reviews in return.  I was thinking of doing another contest.  I was thinking of just letting them sit on my shelf for a bit longer.  The truth is, I’m not quite sure what to do with them.


What do you think I should do with them?



How do you see me?

I hurt a friend the other day.  It was unintentional.  It was surprising.  It was a lot of things that all reflect the edginess of the world right now.  We are all on the attack.  We are all looking for the offense in everything rather than the good.  We are all lashing out.

Even here and now.  I’m taking the offensive and making broad accusations against everyone though there is no way my generalizations can be true.  There is too much beauty and love out there for everyone to be caught within this ugliness.

So, why then do we do it?  Because it’s easy?  Because it is dramatic?  Because it will be controversial and that will bump up our stats?

None of those are good enough reasons to continue to spread filth.

So, perhaps I should start over?

I hurt a friend the other day.  It was unintentional.  It was surprising.  It was a lot of things and it made both of us pause, consider our words, apologize and move on…  It was awkward.  It was nerve-wracking.  But, in the end, I believe we both came through having grown from it.

There’s a lesson there, for those who are willing to look and learn.

It isn’t my place to force you to, though.

In any case, I wouldn’t want to even if it was my place.  That isn’t my style.  That isn’t my purpose…

However, the reflection and discovery that came from this experience has left me with an important question for all of you, my faithful kingdomites:  How do you see me?

I know I don’t often post non-fiction, I didn’t use to anyway, so it might seem like an odd question.  I have posted some things here and there over the last almost four years in the Kingdom that provide glimpses of me.  They haven’t all been the shiny parts, the best of me.  I am always truthful in my portrayal of myself, even as I strive towards what I see as ideal.  So, I know there has been enough out there for a fairly accurate visage of who I am.

However, I’ve come to realize that just because I see myself a certain way, that doesn’t mean everyone will see the same thing…

Indulge me, if you will, in the comments and tell me how you see me: as a person, as a father, as a writer, as…  What are the words that come to mind when you think of me?  What kind of person do you think I am?  Do you see somebody different behind the posts than the one I’m trying to show?

Just a random selfie from earlier this year in my beloved mountains.


Jesterly Challenge Month – November 20th

We have another very special request today, from the Little Prince’s Gramma, who wanted to know what the Little Prince would write about his Momma, Daddy, and his day-to-day life in the kingdom.  Give it a read and let me know how I did in the comments.


I asked the Little Prince some questions so we could get his unbiased and unfiltered words to describe his life (wholly untrue, I’m making this up as I go), and here is the transcript of that conversation:

Matticus (M): Hey, Buddy, how are you today?

Little Prince (LP): Good.

M: Should we just jump right in to the hard questions?

LP: Sure.

M: Okay, how would you describe your life?

LP: So.  So.  So.  So.  So, listen.  It’s like.  So.  So.

M: I’m sorry, you seem to be having a hard time coming up with the right words; let me try something different.  What is your favorite part of the day?

LP: Nokies!

M: Nokies?

LP: Nokies!!

M: Okay, what else do you like about your typical day?

LP: So.  So.  So.  So, listen.  Story time.  Book time.  Reading time.

M: Are those all the same thing?

LP: No!

M: Really?

LP: No!

M: Can you say anything other than “no?”

LP: Yes!

M: You seem rather excited.  What’s with all the yelling?

LP: I’m not yelling!!

M: Okay, moving on, what do you have to say about Momma?
LP: Nokies!

M: Anything else?

LP: Yes, she’s the best.  I love Momma.

M: Can you elaborate on that?  Why do you love Momma?

LP: …

M: Do you not understand the question?

LP: No.  Yes.  No.  So.  So.  So, listen.  Momma, momma, momma, mommommom, momma!

M: You are rather fond of her.  Would you consider yourself attached?

LP: Where is Momma?

M: Downstairs working on a project.

LP: Let’s go find her.

M: Can we finish this interview first?

LP: Momma?!  Where are you?  Momma!!!

M: It’s okay, kiddo, she’s downstairs.  We’ll go find her in a minu

LP: Momma!!!

M: Kiddo.  Just one more question.  Can you answer one more question?

LP: …

M: What do you have to say about Daddy?

LP: Momma?

M: No, Daddy?

LP: (lip quivering)  … Mom…Ma?

M: Kiddo, she’s downstairs.  We’ll go find her in a moment.  Can you answer my question?

LP: So.  So.  So.  So,  listen.  Momma?

M: …

LP: Daddy?

M: Yes?

LP: Can we go find Momma?

M: Okay, kiddo.  Let’s go.

LP: Nokies!!!

To Fiction Or Not To Fiction?

The admins over at Stories That Must Not Die need your help. If you’ve ever read a story over there please take part in our poll that will help shape the future of the site.

Also, if you have a story you think would be a good fit for that community, or you just don’t know where else to share it, please consider submitting it through the Share Your Story page, or by emailing storiesthatmustnotdie at gmail dot com.

Thank you!

Stories that Must Not Die

Yesterday, I asked my Fish of Gold readers for guest posts on Stories That Must Not Die. I was asked whether or not STMND allowed fiction. It was a question we had never considered since no one had asked it.

After much debate amongst the admins, we’re a hung jury on the matter. We’re roughly half for and half against.

I was no help since I vacillated wildly on my answer. At first, I said I thought it would be alright as long as it was fiction rooted in personal experience, or what I call autobiographical fiction.

Then, I changed my vote to no, since perhaps this is more of a place for personal experience, not fiction.

Then, I changed my vote again, because some of my most personal stories have been written through fiction. Sometimes, you need that distance to tell it. So, my final vote was yes with caveats.

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