and now it is December…

I always get done writing my November posts and think, “That was fun.  I should keep it going.  I should post more often…”  And then December comes and goes and the year turns over and the Kingdom goes quiet for a long time.  Well, the online Kingdom anyway, the part that extends into the blogosphere.  This year will likely be no different, as I’m actually writing this on October 19th, long before the fervor of holidays and birthdays and travel plans and anniversaries and everything else that build up this time of year here kick into full gear.  But, we can hope, right?  Hope that this year will be different and I will keep posting.

Before November I had been writing and scheduling posts to go live on Monday of each week.  That was working out well for me.  It gave me a schedule that I wanted to keep but wasn’t so daunting that it was doomed to fail.  So, I will try to keep to that going forward.  Matticus Mondays…  Something like that.

I’m hoping to have some good news in the weeks and months ahead.  Projects that have been swirling around are growing nearer to completion all the time.  They are going slower than I’d like but as that slowness is mostly a result of my own making, it is what it is.  I’ll keep pinging at this keyboard and letting these words show me their worlds.  Some of them you will see here on the blog and some of them you will eventually see in print.  Thank you for being patient with me as I keep teasing and then failing to actually deliver new stories and books.  They are coming.  Promise.

Here on the blog, I’d say you should be on the lookout for some more character study posts.  That’s how I ended November (for the most part) and I was enjoying diving into an idea and creating something from it.  So, you will likely see some more of those at first.  Then I’m sure you’ll see some adventure photos and journals and musings.  Adventure is never far away here.  And then… well, then we’ll see how this year ends and the next begins and what comes of it all, what comes of the words and what they choose to show.

As always, thank you for reading.

promises, lies

The Dark Tower sang,
While roses enchanted me,
Of promises, lies.


This is a silly little haiku based on Stephen King’s Dark Tower series and is my response to this week’s We Drink because We’re Poets Haiku Novel challenge:

"What I would like you to do this week is present your favourite novel, book, your own personal poem, movie or similar -the entirety of it, the story of it – with a Haiku!"

If you want to play along, make sure you link up with their post so everyone else can see your response.


my best dream

It was five years ago today,
We went up the mountain to say,
Promises of love and adventure,
Trials and triumphs,
Sorrows and joys,
But love and adventure most of all.

How have the years passed so quickly?
How is it possible for our bond to have grown exponentially?

Where will our family be in five more years?
Side by side, wherever we end up, I’ll have no fears.

I love you, my Queen,
You are, come true, my best dream.

Wedding - TOS walking away