mostly wordless wednesday 4


And then the lake really was frozen over.  The thin layer would melt shortly after the sun edged over the eastern stone walls but for those moments before daylight caressed the lake, it sparkled with frozen mischief.

mostly wordless wednesday 3


I’ve camped and hiked in some cold weather and cold conditions before and it never fails to impress how crazy it is a thing we love when we wake up to a sheet of ice over everything.  It isn’t spirit breaking.  It is spirit affirmation.  Yes this is crazy.  Yes this is love.

mostly wordless wednesday


We had heard that the lake was mostly frozen and then it turned out that only a small part of it was.  Still, it was impressive to find ice floating here and there while being driven up the lake by the afternoon breeze to collect together, while the snow drifted down to the shore most of the way around.

Picture Picture

Little Prince’s Photo Blog:

Partially as a distraction, and partially just to see what he would do with it, the Queen and I let the Little Prince have one of our old cameras. He doesn’t have constant access to it, but when we are out and about he is allowed to bring it along and take pictures of whatever he finds interesting. When he is older, I’ll ask him if he wants to start a photo blog to document and share the snaps he has taken. For now, though, I asked if I could share some of them with my friends and he quickly and happily said yes.

So, every Thursday this month, I’ll be posting one of his pictures. Maybe I’ll include some words, or maybe I’ll let his picture speak for itself… I guess you’ll have to keep checking back in to find out for yourself.



It was his idea to take a picture of me taking a picture of him. Again with the silliness, yes, but I love pictures like this. The Queen and I have several similar shots from our wedding, where our photographers got pictures of friends and family taking pictures themselves. Perhaps it is representative of our current society, where even our phones have cameras, and we all feel the need to click away and capture every little moment, from the meals we eat to the climax of our best adventures…