The possibilities….  Which path to take?  The all lead to the same place, but the journey there can be so very different.  Fast?  Steep?  Bumpy?  Slow?  Soft?  Casual?

Sometimes I like to pick the challenging roads.  I like the adrenaline rush and the feeling of having accomlished something outside my comfort zone when I make it to the bottom.  Sometimes I like to pick the easy runs and just meander peacefully down.  And sometimes the mountain laughs at me and make the easy runs difficult too.  And sometimes I laugh at the mountain and glide easily down the hard ones.

These are the games we play, when we lose ourselves to the slopes and powder.

Piedra Blanca

Little Prince’s Photo Blog:

Partially as a distraction, and partially just to see what he would do with it, the Queen and I let the Little Prince have one of our old cameras.  He doesn’t have constant access to it, but when we are out and about he is allowed to bring it along and take pictures of whatever he finds interesting.  When he is older, I’ll ask him if he wants to start a photo blog to document and share the snaps he has taken.  For now, though, I asked if I could share some of them with my friends and he quickly and happily said yes.

So, every Thursday this month, I’ll be posting one of his pictures.  Maybe I’ll include some words, or maybe I’ll let his picture speak for itself…  I guess you’ll have to keep checking back in to find out for yourself.



I’m not sure what he was trying to capture with this picture.  It was his first backpacking trip and rather than take shots of the scenery he focused mainly on taking pictures of himself, his GMan, and me.  He got some good pictures there.  Of the handful of scenery pictures he took, this was the best.  It sure makes the terrain look stark and steep.  It was stark.  Our hike was mostly through a desert landscape with only the occasional tree offering some respite of shade.  It was not steep at all, though.  The trail did climb a couple hundred feet from the trailhead to where we turned around to head home, but it was a nice meandering incline.




I waited for the pirate ship to sail down from the clouds.  I was ready for them, ready to fight, ready for adventure.  I knew Pan would come to my aid should I need help.  He was watching from the great beyond, second star to the right, barely visible in the glow of the full moon.  It was there, though.  He was there.

I don’t know why the pirates were coming for me.  Perhaps I was dreaming, and how sad would that be?  What if I were to wake before they arrived?  What if I were to never even glimpse the legend?

Luckily, it was no dream.  I could feel it in my bones.  So, I watched the sky and waited for their arrival.  My cutlass was drawn and my battle cry hung just behind my lips, ready to issue forth when needed.