mostly wordless wednesday 3


I’ve camped and hiked in some cold weather and cold conditions before and it never fails to impress how crazy it is a thing we love when we wake up to a sheet of ice over everything.  It isn’t spirit breaking.  It is spirit affirmation.  Yes this is crazy.  Yes this is love.

mostly wordless wednesday


We had heard that the lake was mostly frozen and then it turned out that only a small part of it was.  Still, it was impressive to find ice floating here and there while being driven up the lake by the afternoon breeze to collect together, while the snow drifted down to the shore most of the way around.

plant by the window


They don’t look like snakes, do they?  That’s what it’s called, though: snake plant.  Supposedly they are good at releasing a lot of oxygen and that extra O2 promotes sleep.  So, there’s now one of these plants in the bedroom because sleep is such a powerful need that it trumps everything, including the fear of anything related to snakes.

Hey!  Sleep and snake are both five letter words!  Coincidence?  Yes, definitely.


I snapped this picture as a joke, and then ended up liking it so thought I’d share it here.  What do you think?  Would you bring these snakes into your house?  Do you have any other tricks or trips you’ve found work to promote sleep?

Also, want to take bets on how long before I dream about snakes after writing this?