Matticus goes walkabout

Hey all,

I stopped by She Said What? today to talk about the random places I’ve lived during my life, kind of, sort of… well, you should just head on over and check it.  And make sure you click on the Follow button while you are over there.  Steph is a special kind of awesomesauce and you won’t regret having her creative madness bombarding you.

Warning – my post has … um… foul language… and some less than G rated references.  It is not suitable for all audiences.  I’m not sure it’s suitable for any audiences.

Ugh… let me tell you, it’s one heck of plane flight down there and back.  Plus the days changed on me twice and now I have no idea what time it is or what day it is or where I am…

Australia is really, really hard to get to and back from in one day.  You might even say it is impossible.

Anyway, enough of that silliness… go check out my other silliness:

fun with weather

I’ve noticed whenever where I live gets a bit of:  rain

Mammoth gets a bit of: snow

And that makes me smile. 

I like rain and I like when Mammoth gets snow. 

This year we need Mammoth to get a bunch of the white fluffy awesomeness so that they can stay open until the Fourth of July again.  With the little one on the way, we are going to miss snowboarding season unless they get absolutely dumped on and stay open late enough that we can go spring boarding after the kiddo shows up.  That’s our hope.  That’s our plan.

So, come on weather, go ahead and rain, rain, rain.  I’ll happily (sort of) put up with bad driving, delays, getting wet, making a mess of the backyard and whatever else you want to throw at me as long as it means that Mammoth is going to keep getting dumped on.  (Though I do reserve the right to blog occasionally about the disasters of my commuter lifestyle.)

But, wait, now the sun is shining here…

That’s not part of the plan. 

Who do I need to talk with to get this straightened out?

go quickly

Most likely, this will change after the Chelsea and Reading game later today, but if you go quickly, right this minute, and look at the current Premier League table you will see Swansea on top.  For them to stay there for any real length this season would be unprecedented, unreal, unimaginable.

The reason this means anything to me is because how often will I have the opportunity to say, “I saw the current premier league leaders play in my front yard.”  Living in the states it’s rare enough to get the chance to see premier league sides play live.  It’s rarer still to get to see league champions/leaders play.  And to get to see them from your front yard?  How many people can say that? 

I can.

This summer during Swansea’s tour of the States they played the Ventura County Fusion at Oxnard College, which is right across the street from my front door.  I can walk out my door and see the field.  It’s basically in my front yard. 

Okay, so there is a street between my yard and the soccer field, but that is it.  I could kick a ball from my front step and have it land on the field.  I wouldn’t even have to kick it that hard.

Can you say that?  Have you seen a Premier League side play in your front yard? 

As I was camping this past weekend I missed all the games from the opening weekend and therefore have no additional comments.  But the season is only 1 game old and I’m sure I’ll have plenty of commentary as the battles begin anew.  Stay tuned.



Update:  If you haven’t already witnessed Swansea on top, it’s too late.  Chelsea won their game today and moved to pole position.  You didn’t move quickly enough.