the moon

Wisps of fog spread beneath the slivered moon and the light tower winked and blinked as it swept its circles. He welcomed the sight, a sign of familiarity, of routine, in a dark morning that had been anything but. Nothing had gone according to plan since he’d woken, hours before the sun was even considering making an entrance. That daily occasion was still far off. The winks, the blinks, the fog, the moon all seemed to laugh at his futile attempts to find balance. He’d laugh too, if he had a voice.

He could still remember the taste of words but could not remember the sound of his own voice. It was one more odd thing about him in a list that grew daily. He had kept a list, pen on paper, for a bit but when he realized he was going to need more paper to keep it going he had abandoned the endeavor and had begun to accept the truth. He no longer minded being weird, eccentric, outside the norm. It was routine he still craved. And it was routine that was failing him. He’d blame the slivered moon but that wouldn’t solve anything, and it really wasn’t the moon’s fault.

In all likelihood, the disturbances in his morning were his own fault. All the odd things that happened around him usually could be tracked back to being a result of his quirks. He couldn’t easily see the direct connection that morning but that didn’t mean it wasn’t there. One time he traced a day gone wrong back to a toenail he had failed to pick off the ground and place in the trash where it belonged. That one bit of carelessness had caused a whole day to go sideways. Afterwards he had researched having his nails permanently removed, to avoid such a disaster in the future, but the procedure was prohibitively expensive and no reputable doctors would perform it anyway.

The fog thinned further and the tower faded in the distance behind him, leaving only the moon to shine down on his progress. He liked the moon. Always had. It represented something magical, even if that sorcery was based in science. Its influence on the world was something he appreciated, longed for at times. He didn’t want the attention it received but he wouldn’t mind its importance. His jealousy of the moon was another of his oddities he had made peace with.

The dark sky cracked in a thousand tendrils of light reaching away from the east and he smiled for the first time all morning. Finally the sun was rising and perhaps that could turn his day around.

here there be monsters

This may just be me, but have any of you noticed that when you take a dose of NyQuil or any of the generic brand copies of the wonderful nighttime cold remedy liquid deliciousness that your dreams that evening are, shall we say, odd?

I’m all for its magical and miraculous ability to send me sprawling into the nether reaches of sleep.  I truly appreciate that aspect of the medication.  But, I think perhaps they should put a new warning label on it the bottle to let consumers know about the possibly dream side effects.

There are already so many warning and drug facts on the bottle, what’s one more?

In my own experience my dreams tend to veer towards the nightmare range so here is my proposal for the new warning to be included:

It wouldn't discourage me from purcashing.
It wouldn’t discourage me from purchasing.

Oh, and if you were wondering, it is gluten free.  That’s good to know.

You can't be too careful about these things.
You can’t be too careful about these things.