I was drawn to the sharpness of these leaves, the tiny points that will scratch the unsuspecting, the unwary.

Life is so interesting sometimes…

Come find rest in the shade of my leafy branches but don’t get too close. I’m here for you but only to a point. This is a common theme in nature, supporting others while protecting self.

I’ll leave it to you to draw any parallels to our current lives in quarantine.

Let them go

The words dance in my head,
And I listen to them,
And then I let them go.
Because, you know,
Their waltz, you have all said,
Isn’t what you came here for.
They aren’t why I started either,
Though they were always there,
Moving to the beat of the fire,
That burns fiercely,
Blistering my insides,
Never allowed to bubble out.

But, what if I unleashed them,
Set them free to raze,
Would I find relief then?
A lie, a sin,
They would spiral round all prim,
Elegant and impeccable timing,
A show for all to praise and watch,
But even at that hour of the clock,
I would find no peace in the ticks and tocks,
To spill the blaze here,
Would be to disappoint others,
And that pain would be far worse.

So, I shall endure for a time,
As best I can,
With the flames eating my soul.
I’ll hide the toll,
Of this facade, this ruse, this grime,
That is the brave face I wear,
Despite the obvious cracks and tears,
And the holes, where flames grew too near,
Doused quickly to hide my fear,
But the singed edges remain,
And the tatters thin and break away,
Until, I need not worry, for nothing will be left.

“and then *poof* he was gone”

fun with weather

I’ve noticed whenever where I live gets a bit of:  rain

Mammoth gets a bit of: snow

And that makes me smile. 

I like rain and I like when Mammoth gets snow. 

This year we need Mammoth to get a bunch of the white fluffy awesomeness so that they can stay open until the Fourth of July again.  With the little one on the way, we are going to miss snowboarding season unless they get absolutely dumped on and stay open late enough that we can go spring boarding after the kiddo shows up.  That’s our hope.  That’s our plan.

So, come on weather, go ahead and rain, rain, rain.  I’ll happily (sort of) put up with bad driving, delays, getting wet, making a mess of the backyard and whatever else you want to throw at me as long as it means that Mammoth is going to keep getting dumped on.  (Though I do reserve the right to blog occasionally about the disasters of my commuter lifestyle.)

But, wait, now the sun is shining here…

That’s not part of the plan. 

Who do I need to talk with to get this straightened out?