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There is a new post up on Stories That Must Not Die.  It’s about overcoming abuse and is worth reading.  Please head over and leave a comment of support for the author: Things Are Never Usually What They Seem

Brother Jon (BroJo!) was kind enough to feature me today as part of his “year of bloggers, for bloggers” series.   He has some nice things to say about me and he waxes philosophical about the Legend of Zelda.  You don’t want to miss it: Kingdoms


Today is my Two Year Blogging Anniversary on WordPress!  Wow.  Two years.  Can’t believe it has already been that long.  Some stats to go with that: 852 posts (including this one), 2,000+ spam bot followers, and more than handful of new friends, including some I’d start revolutions for, more than 35,000 views across 117 different countries, a whole lot of silliness, and an occasional brilliant moment…

What has been your favorite Matticus Kingdom moment over the last two years?


An Official Message From The Kingdom

What were you all thinking?!

Matticus here, your official tour guide, jester, scribe, and all around nuisance, from the kingdom…

I am at a loss for words.

I started this blog in August 2012 without a clear idea of what I was doing, or why I was doing it.  I knew I liked writing.  The idea of a creative outlet was appealing.  But, I had no thoughts about how much fun this would become, how many of you I would interact with on a regular basis, and how much positive feedback and encouragement you would send my way regarding my writing.

I am flabbergasted.

(Yes, I just like using that word.)

So… without knowing how to say it more elegantly:


I keep coming back because you are here.  I keep writing more and trying different styles and challenges because you encourage me to.  I keep testing the limits of my abilities because I know you will catch me if I fall.  You, my faithful readers, my wonderful kingdomites, my amazing followers have helped turn this kingdom into something special for me, and there is no way I can thank you properly for that.

But, I will try.

Do you have a request for me?  Something you want me to write about?  A new series you want me to start?  A guest post you want me to write for you?

You have done so much for me, what can I do for you?

Ask of me what you will and I will do my best to make it happen.

Kodiak My Little Grizzly (I’m not a poet!) #100

Kodiak My Little Grizzly posted their 100th post and I would have shared that with the kingdom anyway, but I also had the honor of having a little something I wrote get included in that post.

Go forth and read! That is an official kingdom edict! I’ll know if you don’t, and you certainly don’t want to suffer the consequences… As a jester I know things, I have a certain set of skills shall we say…

Kodiak My Little Grizzly

This is my 100th post. it means nothing really just a number. I never celebrate anything at all really. So why this? Only because I didn’t know if I’d even stick with it. Only because the readers I meant it for don’t read it… The ones I didn’t know do read it… And I’m not really sure it’s educating anyone on these conditions or even helping. But it is a form of documenting for me. Although the things we don’t want to share we don’t. We still have to keep part of life separate. Anyway I kicked around several ideas. This is what WE came up with. Symone and Colten are co-contributors and well Kodiak of course is our main subject. I hope it’s 100th post worthy.

I’m nervous!!! Hard to check spelling etc on iPhone…

Ok! Whatever! Why worry! It’s just our hearts on the line…

Drumroll please (Colten’s…

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The Matticus Kingdom # 200

It isn't a party without balloons.Please welcome to my kingdom: Enchanted Seashells, a tugboat captain’s wife.  She specializes in stories, and making feasts, and finding great videos, and sharing pictures, and… hmmm, can you specialize in everything?  I think perhaps she does.

Plus, she has a great earworm to share with you:

“It’s a small world”


That annoying tune that’s going to be stuck in your head for the next twenty-four hours (you’re welcome) speaks the truth.

It really is a small world; I’m shaking my head in wonder and amazement.

Somehow, I’m not sure if it was thematticuskingdom who found me first, or whether I discovered his blog first—but however it happened, it happened.

All shapes and sizes and colors inhabit this wild and wonderful blogosphere and sometimes life paths cross or parallel or crisscross or become two ships that pass in the night, or…I’m out of analogies, people.

But here’s a major coinky-dinky;  happenchance.  djmatticus and my son both went to the same university (UCSD), same college (Revelle), and graduated the same year!  His family and my family attended the graduation ceremonies in 2003, most probably sitting near each other.  He wore the obligatory Hawaiian lei; my son wore the obligatory Hawaiian lei.  Do I feel OLD, or what?

Why are we here?
I wrote my 200th post on February 10. It was dedicated to my daughter-in-law because she encouraged me to start a blog. thematticuskingdom sent his congrats which led to a convo about his upcoming 200th.  I thought it was an event deserving of a celebration and a virtual party and here it is!

This is it!

Congratulations from Enchanted Seashells, who’s apparently old enough to be your mother.Happy 200


How crazy is that, right?  It is a small world…. after all.

I’ve been meaning to post something like this for awhile, and decided that in honor of my two-hundreth post I would finally do it.

I wanted to just post the music, but apparently that’s more difficult than it would seem.  So, then I thought I’d upload the music to YouTube, and that also turned out nearly impossible.  So, I threw some pictures together with the tracks and created a video for the very first time.

(*pats self on back* Look at me go!)

I present for your enjoyment: Neuro.  This set is a little dated, but I still love all the songs.  And don’t judge the pictures – the most recent one is from 2006 (how has it been 7 years?!)  This is one of the demos I put together that got me a few gigs when I first started spinning.


Here are the tracks:
Watergate – Heart of Asia (DJ Quicksilver’s Q Mix Edit)
Mark Van Dale with Enrico – Water Wave (DJ Quicksilver Extended Mix)
DJ Quicksilver – Timerider (Extended Mix)
Scooter – Ramp (The Logical Songs) (Club Mix)
DJ Energy – Serenity (Club Mix)
TM – Fade To Grey (Steve L Remix)
DJ Tatana meets DJ Energy – Feel (Energy Anthem) (DJ Energy Retake)
Scooter – Jigga Jigga (Clubmix)
Sunbeam – High Adventure
DJ Energy – Step Into The Arena (Extended Version)
Watergate – Mull Of The Kintyre (DJ Quicksilver Remix)
Nu Romantix and DJ John Bora – Mad World (Pulsedriver Remix)
Sunbeam – Solar Surfing

This is what happens when you Google "confetti explosion."I completely understand if you don’t make it through the whole hour+ long set.  But, there are some good pictures in there, so… maybe just scroll through it?  It’s up to you.  I won’t judge.  But, you should definitely check out these great posts from our favorite tugboat captain’s wife:

I really need Photoshop because playing with Paint is just a pain in the you know what.

# 195

Warning… warning…. warning….

This is a teaser post letting you know that post #200 is only five posts away.  It will involve music, YouTube, and some enchanted seashells.  Were this a real post it would include something funny, something clever, and maybe a cat picture.  Alas, it is not a real post so you get none of those things.  Sorry for cheating you out of 30 seconds of your day.

Hopefully we here at the Matticus Kingdom have piqued your interest a bit though.  And we hope to see you back here in five posts for our 200th post extravaganza!

You may now return to your regularly scheduled reading.