Jesterly Challenge Month – November 10th

Bardictale asked me to write a poem about a creature, being or setting from sci-fi or fantasy, but in it I’m not allowed to use words normally associated with the subject.  Give it a read and let me know how I did in the comments.


He had done his job, as second fiddle,
A footnote in another’s greater story,
Though greatness is more than glory,
And objectiveness is part of the riddle.

He came from nothing, as his student,
Rising up more from luck and chance,
Than due to desire or prophetic stance,
But writing him off would be imprudent.

He has been cast as the hero and villain,
And truly everything lingering between,
His influence more than what was seen,
Though none of his actions were a sin.

He stands at the pivotal crossroads now,
Fading in unimportance meets immortality,
Where the outcome is our responsibility,
But the decision’s no sweat off Merlin’s brow.


I think I failed this challenge: I mentioned “prophecy,” which I think definitely is usually associated with Merlin.  Additionally, I mentioned “influence” and “immortality,” which I’ve seen used with his legend as well.


Perched on his horse, Uther frowned as his bachelor dropped the King’s lance in the mud.  Eyebrows raised, he turned towards his advisor.  The man, his features hidden beneath a cowl, simply nodded.  The weight of the future was held within that nod.  The assistant had a destiny that was greater than any other knight at the tournament.

Shaking his head and scoffing, Uther returned his attention to the young knight, reached down and grasped the offered jousting barb.  “Merlin has faith in you, boy.  But I have yet to see why that is.”

Arthur didn’t know why either.


Word Count: 99

This is my entry for this week’s Trifecta Writing Challenge:

“This week we are giving you a page from the Oxford English Dictionary.  The
ninety-ninth page, to be exact.  (Click to enlarge.)  From this page, you can
choose any word, any definition, to use in your post.  (Please type your chosen
word in bold, so we know.)  And instead of our typical 33-333 word limit, we are
asking for 99 words exactly.”

I chose the word “bachelor” and went with the third defintion: “a young knight serving under another’s banner.”

there is now a dragon in the kingdom

Not Quite Alice was kind enough to offer up a dragon for the kingdom.  Yeah, yeah, yeah, something about an award, and loyalty, and awesomeness, and lots of other cool words, but…. Dragon!!!  Isn’t that all you really need to read?

See. RAWR!

It’s all I need anyway.  The Matticus Kingdom definitely needed a dragon, and now that we have one we feel almost complete.  We might need a few knights and a giant table that may or may not be round as well, but those are stories for different days.

Today I must show my love to those who have been loyal to the matticus kingdom so that they too can proudly house dragons in their own pieces of the blogosphere:

1. Jon
2. Jen
3. MerBear
4. Steph
5. Tony
6. (Aunt) Princess Rosebud
7. The Imaginator
8. The Scribbler
9. Mr. Atheist
10. Matrone Bell
11. Rara
12. Jenn
13. The Foodie Farmer
14. Revis Edgewater
15. Gordon Flanders
16. JC

Thank you all for helping me out and staying loyal to the kingdom.  You are all super awesome fantastic!  That’s right.  It’s true.  It has now been officially decreed and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Enjoy your dragons and please treat them well.  They like wide open spaces and need to be able to roam and stretch their wings from time to time.  If you need help taking care of them, just let me know and I’m sure we can work something out.