my success story

Have I mentioned before that the wife is a dancer?

No?  Okay, so the wife is a dancer.

And, by dancer, I mean she is a professionally trained ballroom dance instructor and competitor.  She can watch Dancing With the Stars and do a better job critiquing the dances then the judges…  Do you have a clear picture of the type of person I’m talking about now?  She’s passionate, well trained, and very, very good at what she does.

Before we met, I was not a dancer.  For the first year and a half we dated I remained resolute in declining invitations to try dancing.  For the following year or so I continued to tell her that I had no interest in dancing… while I was secretly taking lessons in the evenings while she was at work.

Why?  Why would take lessons?  Why would I keep it from her?

So that I could surprise her with my new found dance knowledge of course, and then propose.  And, because I knew at the wedding I’d have to know what I was doing to pull off the first dance.

After spilling the secret, getting on one knee, asking, and her saying “yes,” we spent the next 8 months streamlining my dance training, choreographing our first dance (a rumba to Michael Buble’s “Everything.”

I was nervous…

But the day of the wedding came, the ceremony went smoothly on the McCoy Sun Deck, our cocktail hour at the Top of the Sierra (11,000+ feet) went smoothly, everyone got seated back at Parallax okay, dinner went smoothly, and then it was time…

Would I remember the steps?  Would I do her proud?  Would it look as good to everyone there as it had when we practiced it?

She was perfect, of course, gorgeous, sexy, smooth, silky.  And I pulled off my part flawlessly too.  It was amazing!

And that is my success story for today.

Do you have a success story you want to share with the kingdom?

To My Valentine


Remember that day?
Our vows promised adventure.
I have delivered.

You: my love, my life,
More beautiful every day,
Of this, our journey.

One question for you:
Won’t you be my valentine? 
Please say that you will.

But not just today,
That simply isn’t enough.
Forever will do.