This one time…

I rode a gondola halfway up a mountain to get married.

You wanted to know the most surreal experience I’ve ever had, well, that would be it.

The date: April 18, 2009
The place: Mammoth Mountain

After the mountain had shut down for the day.  My fiance and I drove up and parked in the lot next to the gondola.  There were still some people milling about and getting packed up to head off the mountain but the lot was mostly empty.  As we moved across the black top, a little girl called out in glee, “Mommy, mommy, look!”  She was pointing and waving at my beautiful bride-to-be as we walked over to the gondola.

Nervous.  Excited.  Ready.  And, just a bit tired, having stayed up the night before finalizing the ceremony and putting the finishing touches on the day to come.  We boarded the gondola, which was running just for our wedding party to ascend to McCoy Station, and headed up the mountain.

She was stunning.  The view was stunning.  The day was stunning.

I wished I could have stepped outside my body for a moment to see the whole thing unfolding from a distance, see it from everyone else’s point of view.

We got off the gondola and were ushered into our places.  The music started, and we walked out in our proper orders.  When I turned to watch my fiance walk towards me, walk towards our life together and all the adventures we would take from then on, I barely held it together.

Wedding - TOS walking away

fun with weather

I’ve noticed whenever where I live gets a bit of:  rain

Mammoth gets a bit of: snow

And that makes me smile. 

I like rain and I like when Mammoth gets snow. 

This year we need Mammoth to get a bunch of the white fluffy awesomeness so that they can stay open until the Fourth of July again.  With the little one on the way, we are going to miss snowboarding season unless they get absolutely dumped on and stay open late enough that we can go spring boarding after the kiddo shows up.  That’s our hope.  That’s our plan.

So, come on weather, go ahead and rain, rain, rain.  I’ll happily (sort of) put up with bad driving, delays, getting wet, making a mess of the backyard and whatever else you want to throw at me as long as it means that Mammoth is going to keep getting dumped on.  (Though I do reserve the right to blog occasionally about the disasters of my commuter lifestyle.)

But, wait, now the sun is shining here…

That’s not part of the plan. 

Who do I need to talk with to get this straightened out?