breaking news

Scientists at the Matticus Kingdom University (also known as The Daily Prompt) have proven that karma exists!

Initially, I was thinking that this information would have no impact on my day to day life.  I try to live as best I can.  I’m a good father.  I’m a good husband.  I’m a good jester.


Then I remembered all the time I spend in the car…

Now that I know that karma is real, I am going to have to curb the angry outbursts, the shaking fists, the hurled curse words, the finger gestures, the horn honking, the violent thoughts, and everything else that I do and think while out and about on my daily drives to and from work.  I’m going to have to redefine the nature of my commuter lifestyle.  I’m going to have to calm down, relax, and let all the idiots on the road with me continue to perform their inane driving without any negativity.

It is going to be hard.

Very, very, hard.

But, I certainly don’t want my reactions and retaliations while on the road to come back to me at some point in the future.

So, with that in mind… do any of my faithful kingdomites have any tips or tricks for safe, calm, peaceful driving on the chaotic roads of Southern California?

My first thought is to drink more.  But, something tells me that isn’t the smartest solution.

Also, this is the first Daily Prompt I’ve responded to in a long time.  Have you missed my daily contributions?  Should I do more of them?  Or, should I stick with the other prompts and random things I’ve been posting recently instead?