what does it mean?

I was awake, and headed towards the shower because I knew I needed to be off to work early today.  But, the alarm hadn’t gone off and I wasn’t in my house…  I knew I was dreaming, I’d had that same dream at least once before.  There was nothing to do though but carry on.

The house was a mess, clutter, boxes, debris clogging the long dark hallway to the bathroom.  It was still dark outside and that attributed to the hallway only being dimly lit, but it wouldn’t have mattered if it had been noon on a sunny summer day, the hallway would still have only been half visible.  I could sense it liked it that way.  It liked being hidden, mysterious, making those who dared the trek down it’s length wonder about what may be hiding behind the towers of grime and filth choking the pathway.

Because I knew it was a dream I navigated the passage with zero trepidation, unlike the first time.  I had a destination.  I knew the bathroom lay at the end.  And while I was still dreaming I still needed to take a shower and be on my way.  It simply wouldn’t do to be late to work.

The light flickered on when I flipped the switch.  The bathroom was in just as bad shaped as the hall.  There was no shower curtain, a drapery of sorts had been hung by a string to shield the water from escaping the tub area.  It always failed to do the job though as evidenced by the pools of water accumulating here and there among the broken tiles of the bathroom floor.  Glancing up, the single light bulb dangled from its socket, unshielded, precarious at best.  Every inch of counter space was covered by cast off clothing, toiletries, towels, and a layer of grime that begged for me to switch off the light so it could be hidden away in darkness again.

I quickly disrobed, stacking my clothes neatly in a pile with my jeans on the bottom so only they would be affected by any water or filth that wanted to attack the pile.  I knew it all did want to attack the pile.  It had happened before.

I start the water and watch, helpless to stem the tide, as water pours over the edge of the tub and rushes along the floor, the rivulets tracking along the cracked surface before overcoming the narrow ravines and spilling across the tile top.  I step into the tub, bracing myself for the bitter sting of the cold water…

My alarm, the one in the real world, goes off and I wake up in relief…  My own shower, just a minute away will be warm, in a clean bathroom and well-kept bathroom.

What does the dream mean?  That I didn’t want to be late for work and having to deal with a disgusting bathroom would have been the ultimate obstacle to my morning.  That’s what I’m going with.  What do you think it meant?