I wanted to write…

I opened a blank page today, determined to write
But the words in my head were at odds with those in my heart
And all my attempts to avoid the brewing fight
Were sabotaged by one or the other before I could even start

On one side: common ground, peace, respect
On the other: anger, blame, selfishness
Without the former our world will be wrecked
But we are too proud to be selfless

I have no magic wand to wave and chant at will
And it isn’t my job to force this world to be better anyway
I have no solution to that which holds us still
But we owe more to each other than the promises we say

My heart sings of optimism, hope, beauty
My head bemoans their absence
Sadly, I know I can trust neither completely
They both are fueled by passion

I opened a blank page today, I just wanted to write
However, I felt no spark to hide truths behind fiction or vice versa
So often turmoil can galvanize thoughts to fight
But all I feel is its grasp, its drain, and its grindingly heavy inertia

slip off the edge of the world

They sparkle in the intermittent rushing lights, shining like a million fires before being swallowed over and over by the darkness.  And then the lights spread across them again, as they had countless times before, but rather than standing still to absorb and reflect, they surge forward in dance.  The pressure was more than they could withstand and, once freed from their moors, they speed in all directions to slip off the edges of their world.  They weren’t falling and their existence wasn’t ending.  Their purpose, their path, is shooting from one life to another.

Once they have been swallowed by nothingness, they are no less dazzling in their beauty and significance; they have just passed beyond the sight of this world so they can be enjoyed by others.

Image Credit: Kenneth Brandon

It is both humbling and awe inspiring to realize how many worlds are constantly spinning around us, just out of our view and understanding.  We stand in the middle of a raging storm of possibilities swallowing our missed opportunities and scorned decisions.  We stand under a bright sun of endless warming hope for all the things we can become.  We are alone, tired, and scared.  We are constantly uplifted in embraces by all the selves we’ve ever been and ever could be.

The water droplets, the morning’s dew, continue to flash erratically on my windshield like the stars above, collecting the light of oncoming traffic and sending it spiraling into the unseen worlds that surround my journey into the day.

Image Credit: Sami Sarkis

A Conversation with Adrian George Nicolae

Another Fauxpocalypse author interview. Dreaming in different languages, Wall-E, and food are all discussed. Or, are they? You’ll have to click over to find out.



Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I’m a 24-year old from Bucharest, Romania. Besided writing, I do voice over.

In my non-writing time I like to learn through MOOC’s (massive online open courses) on sites like Coursera and Iversity (among others) or see inspiring videos about design and success.

And I like to eat a lot, although I’m somewhat skinny 🙂

(DMK: I’m sure a lot of folks are jealous of that!)

Do you normally write in English or your native Romanian? Which language do you dream in?

In English. In Romanian I wrote about 3-4 things and I switched to English soon after. It’s the language I enjoy writing and speaking in, even though I don’t have anyone with whom to speak.

When I dream (because it happens rarely) it’s a mix between both languages.  Some freakier, but more to the psyche are in Romanian, or from…

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Let’s Win!

Kozo has kicked off discussions on how we should/could re-claim humanity. I was honored to offer my simple solution: we need to look to ourselves and make sure we are doing the good we want to see in others first and now Rara has added her own spin on the discussion. It includes video games, pirates, and ghosts. Go check it out!

everyday gurus

For those of you who don’t know already, I have a blog crush. Every time this blogger hits publish, my heart flutters. Like the boy who finally gets the nerve to ask the girl who has been dancing all night for a dance, I usually get turned down when I approach these triple Freshly Pressed celebrities. But this blogger has more heart than the average dancing queen, so she agreed to guest blog for EverydayGurus. I can’t think of a more appropriate guest blogger, since this blog is about spreading the peace and her blog is about spreading the love. I’m so honored to present the incredible Rarasaur.

p.s. The related articles links below are my doing, not Rarasaur trying to drum up traffic which she doesn’t need. Please check out the magic in these other posts by the most popular dinosaur on wordpress.

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humanity, lost

I tackled the weighty and important topic of reclaiming humanity in a guest post over at everday gurus. Go check it out. And make sure you poke around and see what Kozo has going on while you are there.

everyday gurus

Two things instantly attracted me to djmatticus–his compassion as a husband and a father and his uncanny ability to use the perfect quote from movies that I love. One of the great things about blogging is that you get to “meet” role models of the people you want to become. Matticus is one of those bloggers. When I want to be a better parent, spouse, writer, and human, I head over to his blog: https://thematticuskingdom.wordpress.com/

I’ve lured Matticus out of his kingdom for a little joust at EverydayGurus. He faces you today “as God intended. Sportsmanlike. No tricks, no weapons, skill against skill alone.”


If you’ve spent any amount of time with me, you will have learned that despite my optimistic outlook, my general silliness, and my overall belief that life is one grand adventure, I am fond of saying that we are doomed.  Look around.  Common sense is…

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