Comments for Rara

Hey all,

Zoe and I decided that it would be awesome to collect a bunch of comments, notes, thoughts, etc… from all of you and see about getting them to Rara in the next couple days.

So, leave whatever you want to say in the comment section and we’ll make sure it gets to her.

(And don’t forget to click on the rawrLove link in my sidebar if you haven’t already.)

(And, if you’d rather not have your comments be public, you can email them to me at djmatticus at yahoo dot com.)

Remember, chances are, she loves all of you, without question, without qualification, without reserve.

How do you feel about her?

Spread some rawrLove of your own.

A call to arms

It’s been a hell of a ride, my wonderful kingdomites…  From my first post back in August 2012, through learning about tags, getting hooked, amassing likes and followers and comments, and building friendships, you have been fantastic.

The support and love I have received from you was unexpected and has far surpassed what I could have ever hoped for.  You’ve encouraged me, challenged me, pushed me towards being a better blogger, a better writer, a better person.  I can’t thank you enough for that.

And, that should be enough… But…  I am going to ask for one more thing from you.

A friend of ours is in trouble.

It’s a situation I can’t seem to wrap my head around at the moment as it seems completely improbable.  She is one of the brightest people I have ever met, and I mean that in all aspects of her life:  she is intelligent, she is beautiful inside and outside, she spreads love and optimism wherever she goes…A

Please, if you can help at all, please, do so.  I’ve added a RAWR love widget to my sidebar that will remain there until help is no longer needed, and I’m going to post the pertinent links below for your perusal.

Thank you, in advance, for everything you do to help ease their pain.

Donate/Help: Thank you!


Stories that must not die

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Have I mentioned

How awesome the WordPress community is?

Well, you are awesome.  Normally I would have said awesomesauce, and I might have even said awesomesauceh, but commercials have begun using that so I can’t do it anymore.  I’m in the market for a new word, maybe spectacujam…?  I think I should continue thinking on that…

Anyway, back to the point.  Yes, I have a point.  Hey!  It happens sometimes.  I’m not always about silliness.  Just because I’m silly 99.9999999325% of the time doesn’t mean I can’t be serious too.

I think…

I’m not really sure anymore.

And, look, you got me off track again.  Bad kingdomites!  As your punishment, I need you to check out this link:

Can you believe we have already raised over $1,100 dollars to help out Merry and her husband?  That’s outstanding.  I’m floored by the outpouring of support they have received.

There is still a bit to go before they reach the goal that will ensure they can keep their home, though, so if you can, please send a bit of love, or hugs, or money, or flamethrowers to help torch all those pesky feathers, or whatever you can.

I may have gotten off track there, but I think you got the general message, right?


And, don’t forget to drop by and thank Zoe for setting up the donation site and getting this all rolling.

Hooray for people acting like, well, people.  I knew we still could if we wanted to.  I know we can help Merry save her home.


What’s one thing you’ve done that you are especially proud of?