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Calling all pet lovers in or around the 92704 zip code in Southern California.  There are two kitty cats that need a temporary home (as much as you are willing to do between 1 week and 3 months) immediately.  Please contact me if you can help or can point me to someone who can.

Thank you!!

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The post kind of says it all… We are looking for a new round of submissions over at Stories That Must Not Die. As always, any shares are much appreciated. Thank you!

Stories that Must Not Die


Yes, YOU!

We need you.  We need your story.  We need your voice.

The blogosphere needs you to spread your words of truth, to start discussions, and build a community, to helps others understand they aren’t alone, and set your torments free through shared testimony.

If you have a story that isn’t right for your normal space, or that you want to post anonymously, or that you think needs a wider audience, or, well, you get the idea, we’d love to hear from you.  We’d love to share your words on Stories That Must Not Die.

Send us an email at storiesthatmustnotdie at gmail dot com.  Use the Share Your Story link.  Or you can email me directly at djmatticus at yahoo dot com.

We can’t wait to hear from you, and our fantastic community is ready to provide feedback, offer hugs or shoulders of support, share their…

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a letter, and an offer, from jail

I got another letter from Rara and, among the other various conversations and trains of thought, she mentioned:

“Does anyone need research material about anything in here?  I could get you the info or contact to a particular inmate.  Car thief, arsonists, bank robbers, escape artists, drug dealers, gang members – you name it.”

Our beloved dinosaur is making friends across the spectrum and, like Pokemon, she’s trying to collect them all.

So, writing a novel or short story and want some insight on something from someone who has lived through a similar scene or situation?  Pass along your questions and/or topics of interest and need and Rara will get the answers for you.  Because she is amazing like that.  Always, absolutely always, thinking about and trying to help others.  That’s who she is.

To Fiction Or Not To Fiction?

The admins over at Stories That Must Not Die need your help. If you’ve ever read a story over there please take part in our poll that will help shape the future of the site.

Also, if you have a story you think would be a good fit for that community, or you just don’t know where else to share it, please consider submitting it through the Share Your Story page, or by emailing storiesthatmustnotdie at gmail dot com.

Thank you!

Stories that Must Not Die

Yesterday, I asked my Fish of Gold readers for guest posts on Stories That Must Not Die. I was asked whether or not STMND allowed fiction. It was a question we had never considered since no one had asked it.

After much debate amongst the admins, we’re a hung jury on the matter. We’re roughly half for and half against.

I was no help since I vacillated wildly on my answer. At first, I said I thought it would be alright as long as it was fiction rooted in personal experience, or what I call autobiographical fiction.

Then, I changed my vote to no, since perhaps this is more of a place for personal experience, not fiction.

Then, I changed my vote again, because some of my most personal stories have been written through fiction. Sometimes, you need that distance to tell it. So, my final vote was yes with caveats.

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