What is it about the sound of can of soda being opened?  So inviting… So enticing…
Is it magic?  It must be.  What else could it be?

Science?  Our body replying to the sound in a conditioned response because we know the noise represents sugar and fun, and in anticipation of that we are flooded with serotonin and maybe even some adrenaline.  Well, okay, maybe science is the answer but is that really all that different magic?

And, besides, what would you rather do: order a can of science? or order a can of magic?

Jesterly Challenge Month – November 27th

Some of you will be working, and some of you sleeping,
And some will be nursing hangovers, you poor things.
Some of you will be wandering the blogosphere or writing,
And some will be playing with family, the day enjoying.
Some of you will be driving, your home set as the heading,
And some will be asking, “What was, or wasn’t, I thinking,
When this poem had the simplest of rhyming, to keep on reading,
All the way to its ending?”  And that question I’ll be answering:
Either you like to do some time wasting, or you hung on while hoping,
This silly, maddening, nonsense would have a conclusion resonating,
With a brilliant twisting point or insight, but you, my faithful kingdomite, anticipating,
And wishing for something poignant in the final line, I surely will be disappointing.

Jesterly Challenge Month – November 25th

How will your bird be cooked?  Barbecued?  Broiled?  Deep fried?
Will it be a butterball, or made from tofu, and what size?
And then plated with which delicious sides?
Thinking about all of it has made my smile go wide.

Will you stay home?  Travel local?  Travel around the mountain?
To grandmother’s house, or a siblings, and with children?
Or, is it your turn to host the party again?
Thoughts of time with family gets my heart bouncing.

Do you have traditions?  Shopping?  Decorating?  Playing games?
Do you set a fine table, or eat at the TV, and know everyone’s names?
Do you stay up late chatting or is getting home your aim?
I’m excited for conversations that are never the same.

However you spend your tomorrow, get there and home again safely.
If your relatives, like mine, are a little bit, or more, crazy,
Go boldly and face your time with them bravely,
Then come back on here and tell us all the story of your family?

Jesterly Challenge Month – November 14th

Rara asked me to write an advice column.  Without any clear topic or questions to use as a starting point for such a column, I rambled for a little bit, but perhaps that’s what most advice columns do anyway?  I’m not really sure.


I’ve not received that many requests for advice over the three plus years I’ve been blogging, but I guess a question has popped up here and there on occasion.  None of which I actually remember, of course.  I’m just a jester.  However, a jester can, and does, wear many different hats depending on the audience he is trying to entertain and perhaps doling out advice is another avenue towards that end: entertainment?  We shall see.

As a follow up to this post, rather than leaving feedback in the comments section, submit questions and I shall answer each of them in a new post, in as timely a manner as I can muster.  That’s a Matticus promise or possum if you prefer, and I always keep my possums.

As the inaugural offering in this fledgling series I shall impart a basic tenet of jesterly wisdom in leading a happy and healthy, successful and soulful, and engaging and entertaining existence: be who you are.

That may sound like odd advice coming from an ex dj who refuses to drop that moniker while also parading around under the written guise of a jester, but that’s all just semantics.  Besides, it is good advice regardless of who is offering it.

Be who you are.

And it’s okay if you don’t know what that means on a day-to-day basis or with regard to long term goals, needs, etc…  And it’s okay to change.  And it’s okay to be confused.  And it’s okay to admit to yourself and others that you don’t even know where to start on the quest to finding the “you” at the core of you.

What is supremely important, however, is that you trust your instincts and you pay attention to what they are telling you.  Don’t mindlessly follow the latest trends, the polarizing and fear-mongering views of the talking heads, or the notions of anyone considered popular.  They aren’t you and the ideas they are peddling are only good as a means to fit in.  Fitting in is not as important as society wants you to believe it is.  Fitting in is a form of control, of relinquishing power and confidence and esteem, so that your behaviors are predictable and can be marketed to.

Be who you are.

Silly, crazy, depressed, smart, angsty, gothic, morbid, joyful, giggly…  It can change from second to second and situation to situation.  You can change your mood, your attitude, your outlook, your approach.  You can adapt to every new situation and apply the knowledge you are constantly gaining from every new experience.  Who you are isn’t set in stone, but the feeling of relief, of peace, that you get when you are true to it is.

Be who you are, and you will be happy.

That’s another Matticus possum.