it was cold


We wrote three words to describe the trip when we got home.  A week in the mountains, seven days in one of my favorite places in the world, all those hours basking in the cleansing glory of nature, and all we had to say was: it was cold.

We wore jackets all day long.  When it sleeted when hid in our tents and bundled into our sleeping bags.  We ate dinners huddled close together around the table, leaching warmth from each other.  We stayed in bed late and returned to bed early.  It wasn’t that we were ill-prepared for the low temperatures, it was that we weren’t expecting it to be so cold for so long.

There is an energy sapping strength to the cold.  It drains away your joy.  It funnels away your focus and motivation.  It removes all else so all you can think about, all you can see is it.

I didn’t remember the deer who walked through our camp until I stumbled upon this picture looking for photos to share for NanoPoblano.  We had never seen deer just walk through camp before.  They came in because the camp was much quieter than normal.  The camp was quieter because we were the only ones there.  We were the only ones there because it was so cold everybody else had either packed up and left or had decided not to come in at all.

Perhaps we should amend our notes from this year?

It was cold, and while that has certain perks they aren’t worth it.

I read the above to the Queen and she amended: It was cold, and while that has certain perks they aren’t worth it “unless we pack our snowboard gear.  Nobody told me to pack snowboard gear!”

Whoops.  My bad.

the true ruler


“Oh, I’m sorry,” she might have smirked at me, “was this your speaker?”

That possibility was remote, though, as she would never consider that anything belonged to anyone but her.  Nor was she likely to ever even acknowledge my presence. Notice how she pointedly looked away from me as I took her picture.

You didn’t actually think a Jester ruled the Matticus Kingdom, did you?  Despite a certain Little Prince’s best efforts, his sudden rise to power and our quick transition into a toddlerocracy, Belle has always been the true ruler.

That’s just the way it is around here.

Then again, based on all the cat videos on the internet, perhaps it is normal to be ruled by a cat?

This is What Happens…

Hello, Kingdomers….uhhh… Kingdomites…. or whatever the followers of this here blog call themselves. For those of you who don’t know me, I am Revis Edgewater; First Knight of the Matticus Kingdom and co-author of the Jester’s book, The Erratic Sun. If you don’t already have it, I’ll wait patiently while you either go here for the paperback version or here for the Kindle version. Now that I’ve gotten that shameless plug out of the way, let me get on with telling you why I’m here.

Normally, I play on my own blog, but since both Matticus and I contributed to what you’re about to read next, I figured I’d stop on by the Kingdom. It’s been a while since I’ve made my presence felt here anyway.

Below is an exchange that took place between Matticus and I earlier today. This is what happens when we have enough time to email each other while we’re at work:

Revis: To err is human. Wait…. you’re human, right? Or are you some cybernetic jester from the future who also happens to write????

Matticus: I’m not a robot.  Definitely not.  Trust me. *creepy grin*

R: Damn, I was hoping for a robot friend. If Fry gets Bender, how come I can’t get one?

M: You make a valid argument about the Fry/Bender situation.  Though, they both also have a Cyclops for a friend… so… even  if I was a robot, which I’m most definitely not, we are both still getting gipped in the friendship department. 

Also, we need a space ship.

R: Well, we don’t have a cyclops friend, but we do have a dinosaur friend. Does that count? We also have a ship. It’s called the Erratic Sun, remember? We just can’t fly it…. 

M: We do have a dinosaur friend, that’s very true.  And I have a ninja-knight, a knightly ninja, as a friend.  Can’t get much cooler than that.  And, yes, we do have a spaceship.  A very nice one.  I’m not sure why you can’t fly it?  I’ve taken it for a couple spins around the galaxy…

R: Wait, Terry lets you fly it??? He never lets me!

M: Hmm… That’s weird. I’ll have a word with him next time I see him.

R: Yeah,  whenever I ask to fly it, he mumbles something about not wanting to die…

M: Have you given him a reason for doubting your ability to pilot the thing?

R: There was that one time I crashed that hovercar because I saw a squirrel, but that wouldn’t happen in the Sun. There aren’t any squirrels in space.

M: Squirrels in Space, the movie.

R: Oh, sure. Take Terry’s side. I see how you are.

M: That’s not what I was doing!! I was changing the subject….  😛

R: Yeah, right. I bet you two go out on weekends and party without me…

M: Only once or twice.

R: I knew it! I’m the third wheel!

M: No!!! … you actually have to be around to be considered the third wheel, right? 😛

R: Do you think Al Gore would’ve still invented the Internet if he knew that this was the kind of stuff we’d do with it?

M: Yes!  He’s the biggest prankster of all!


Jesterly Challenge Month – November 29th

The end is near,
But never fear,
We’re not going anywhere.

Tomorrow is the wrap,
On this month long trap,
To keep you all from your desired nap.

We may take a day,
Or two or three away,
And then we will be back to play.

What an adventure,
That is certainly sure.
The words flew fast and pure.

Words filled our screens,
From dawn to evening,
More than we have ever before seen.

One more day to go,
And this I do know,
Your beautiful hearts did clearly show.

So, good on you,
For staying true,
To the cause and your own truths too.

Jesterly Challenge Month – November 27th

Some of you will be working, and some of you sleeping,
And some will be nursing hangovers, you poor things.
Some of you will be wandering the blogosphere or writing,
And some will be playing with family, the day enjoying.
Some of you will be driving, your home set as the heading,
And some will be asking, “What was, or wasn’t, I thinking,
When this poem had the simplest of rhyming, to keep on reading,
All the way to its ending?”  And that question I’ll be answering:
Either you like to do some time wasting, or you hung on while hoping,
This silly, maddening, nonsense would have a conclusion resonating,
With a brilliant twisting point or insight, but you, my faithful kingdomite, anticipating,
And wishing for something poignant in the final line, I surely will be disappointing.