we are all Gemini, part 2

He paid attention in class, despite the onslaught of distractions from his friends, the notes being passed, the whispers back and forth, the spit wads, the faces at the teachers back.  He raised his hand when he knew the answer to any posed question.  He turned his work in on time.  He studied.  He was diligent.  He didn’t care what his classmates thought of him and he strove to ace every subject because he wanted that for himself every bit as much as his parents wanted that for him, for his future.  He valued grades over friendships.  He was never happy.


After school, he would get lost on the way home while walking with his friends.  They would duck into alleys after stealing half smoked cigarettes from ashtrays.  He would light one up for himself and revel in his own rebellious nature.  He liked the feeling of doing something he knew he shouldn’t.  He liked playing the dangerous game of hiding the truth of his extra-curricular activities from his parents and teachers.  He liked the rush when he would run from his friends after a smash and grab job at the convenience store.  He knew he was jeopardizing the future his other self was working so hard to achieve but he didn’t care, he loved feeling part of a group.


She loved her husband.  They had been best friends for years before tying the knot.  It had felt so right at the time.  Her love for him and his love for her were beyond question, beyond reproach, it was the stuff of stories and legends.  They built their life together.  They shared their secrets.  They were each others’ confidants.  They shared their joys and sorrows.  They relished in the others’ triumphs and held their hands through the others’ struggles.  She loved him more each and every day.  She never wanted to do anything that would break apart their union, their companionship, their “we can overcome any obstacle as long as we work together” attitude.  She felt like she was living a lie.


She held her oldest secret so close to her chest that she could hardly see it herself.  She knew it was there though, and knew what it meant.  She knew that all of her love for her husband couldn’t keep it from coming out eventually, and in fact, her love for him would make it come out sooner than it might if she didn’t love him so deeply.  But, telling her secret would destroy them even though it didn’t change the fact that she loved him.  That part would never change, but once her secret was out her love for her would wane and falter.  For, as much as she loved him, he could not complete her.  She loved women too and couldn’t be truly happy while she remained devoted solely to him.  Needing to unburden herself of the truth, she took the secret out and gazed upon it from time to time when she was alone.  She shared that truth with nobody else and wouldn’t until she was ready to tell her husband.


Put together as a thank you to Steph for helping me reach this major milestone.   She said: “This hits home for me, great post!” in response to my we are all Gemini post, and so I volunteered to expand upon it for her, and she said, “Yes! Go on, do it…”

Well, how did I do?


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one last goodbye

I couldn’t believe he was gone.

TV and movies had lied to me.  These things were supposed to happen slowly over time.  I was supposed to get a call that the end was near so I could race to his side, spend a few more minutes with him, share one last laugh, one last story, and tell him I loved him.  I was supposed to be able to say goodbye.

Instead, when the call came, he was already gone.  It wasn’t entirely unexpected because he had been in and out of the hospital, but it still took me by surprise.  I felt cheated.  I felt angry with the world for taking such a great man.  He was one of the reasons they called it the Greatest Generation.

I felt a sense of loss that I had never experienced before.

I was supposed to get to say goodbye, wasn’t I?

Between my school schedule and coordinating with other family members who wanted to attend, the funeral was held a couple weeks later.  When we showed up, dressed in our blacks, heads low, emotions running high, I did a great job of holding back my tears.  I pretended to be stoic, pretended like I was okay.

Before the ceremony my Uncle planned on adding a few finishing touches to my grandfather, putting on his cap and glasses and a few other things to make him seem more like the man he was, and he asked if I wanted to take that opportunity to say goodbye.

I did.  I followed him into the room with the casket.  I was supposed to say goodbye.  It’s what the films and the shows had taught me needed to be done.  TV and movies had lied to me again.

It was one of the greatest mistakes of my life.  All pretense gone, I fled the room with tears running down my cheeks.  Sobbing.  Crushed.  Broken.

I will forever be haunted by the image of my grandpa resting in his casket.  It wasn’t the man I had known, I barely recognized the figure inside, the spark was gone.  I should have stayed away.  I should have left my memories untarnished by that final image.  I should have known that I could say goodbye without having to stand there next to that empty shell.  I should have had faith that he was well aware that I loved him.

I should have known that there was no need to say goodbye because he would live on in my heart and in my thoughts.  He lives there still, and always will.


Written for this week’s Yeah Write Writing Challenge:

And I was one of the Editor’s picks!!

the heir

“Nothing matters so much as blood.”

Or, that’s what they say, anyway.  But, after years of trying, Jack and Dianne were forced to accept the truth: they could not have children of their own.  They couldn’t produce an heir.  However,  as king and queen of the kingdom, that could not be the end of the story.

It was unheard of, unacceptable.  Never before in the long history of the kingdom had a king and queen failed to produce a natural heir.  The blood line had been unbroken since the beginning.  While Jack had already let go of the past, the history, the obligation in his mind, Dianne was unwilling to be the first to break the cycle.

An idea occurred to her and it didn’t take much to bring Jack around.

She had her hand maiden secretly search for a suitable match, and when one was found, Dianne hid herself from the rest of the kingdom for 9 months.

The big reveal was done amid much fanfare and celebration, a feast the likes of which the realm had never known before.  The kingdom would go on.  As far as any of the subjects were concerned the royal line remained intact.

Only four people ever knew the truth: the child was not actually kin of the king and queen.

The handmaiden and the child’s birth mother disappeared shortly after the prince was revealed.  Jack and Dianne never told their “son” either.

Jack wondered one evening, as he watched the prince at play amongst the jousting runs, how many of his predecessors, how many of his kin had done what he and his wife had done to “keep the bloodline.”

The thoughts did not trouble him long.


Word Count: 283.

This is in response to this week’s Trifecta Writing Challenge.

BLOOD (noun)

a : lifeblood; broadly : life
b : human stock or lineage; especially : royal lineage <a prince of the blood>
 c : relationship by descent from a common ancestor : kinship
 d : persons related through common descent : kindred
(1) : honorable or high birth or descent (2) : descent from parents of recognized breed or pedigree
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eye of a needle stuff

Pride?  Isn’t that one of those deadly sins?  Isn’t there something about “pride” coming before the fall?  I guess that, that is mostly in reference to how we feel about ourselves.  We have pride in what we do, and that is different from someone else being proud of us…?  Perhaps?  Maybe?

I sure seem to be asking a lot of questions, don’t I?

Even that was a question…. wasn’t it?


“Attaboys,” “good jobs,” and “nicely dones,” I’ve had plenty.  But, having someone say they are proud of me doesn’t happen all that much.  Or, maybe I just don’t really pay attention to things like that because usually when someone says they are proud of something I’ve done I’ve felt it’s been for something normal – something that should be expected of everyone – nothing exceptional or above and beyond.

The most recent one I can remember at the moment came from my wedding, which everything seems to be circling back to this week.  My wife’s father found me after the ceremony and told me he was proud of me.

Should I be worried that I don’t have more vivid, interesting, or recent occurences of people telling me they are proud of me?

Should I be content that I know I usually meet and/or exceed people’s expectations because I know it is the right thing to do and not because I’m worried about what they think of me?