spin spin


Spin spin.

Some of you know, maybe most of you, but maybe not all of you that “djmatticus” is actually, or was actually, “DJ Matticus.”  Once upon a when, I would get behind the decks and drop the needle down, oh so gently.  Okay, I wasn’t always gentle.  Anyway, if you need to hear some energetic music today, check this out:

Dance around your house.  Dance wherever you are today.  Spin spin.

Excuse me, Q and A

Q: What have you grown to expect and love about Fridays?
A: The Matticus Kingdom Q and A silliness, of course!

You know why we are here, and you know what’s come before, so let’s jump right in:

Q: What do you say to someone who answers a question after you’ve already figured out the answer?
A: “Gee, you know that information… really would’ve been more useful to me *yesterday.*”
– Robbie (Adam Sandler) – The Wedding Singer

Q: What do you say after getting the sixth different invitation to a wedding in one year?
A: “Garth, marriage is punishment for shoplifting in some countries.”
– Wayne Campbell (Mike Myers) – Wayne’s World

Q: What do you say to someone who won’t stop talking about the story they want to write, the one they’ve had in their head since high school, the next great novel of our times?
A: “That might take years though, perhaps a pamphlet or brochure.”
– Frankie Wilde (Paul Kaye) – It’s All Gone Pete Tong

Q: What do you say when you are trying to pull of an impossible feat?
A: “Remember: no obstacles… only challenges.”
– Ernie (Steve Van Wormer) – Groove

Q: What do you say the next time you go to shake someone’s hand and they decline the offer?
A: “Mad respect for not giving respect. I feel you.”
– Raji (Vince Vaughn) – Be Cool

Q: What do you say when someone says they are feeling low on energy?
A:”Energy, energy? Energy is, is, it’s nothing more than a lot of new age hokum masquerading as spirituality”
– Tony Wilson (Steve Coogan) – 24 Hour Party People

Q: What do you say the next time you are in a restaurant and the family at the table next to you are being obnoxiously loud?
A: “Your women. I want to buy your women. The little girl, your daughters… sell them to me. Sell me your children!”
– Jake (John Belushi) – Blues Brothers

Q: What do you say the next time someone is trying to convince you that someone with zero redeeming value isn’t all that bad after all?
A: “Oh, he’s the good drug dealer.”
– Marcus (Taye Diggs) – Go

Q: What do you say when you are trying to get psyched up for something you don’t really want to be doing?
A: “Be excited, be, be excited.”
– Tappy Tibbons (Christopher McDonald) – Requiem for a Dream

Q: What do you say the next time someone calls you sweet, or innocent, or naive, or … well, anything you don’t want to be called really?
A: “Sweet? Where do you get off? Where do you get sweet? I am dark and mysterious, and *pissed off*! And I could be very dangerous to all of you! You should know that about me… I am *the enemy*!”
– William Miller (Patrick Fugit) – Almost Famous

Q: What do you say the next time you see someone get up and leave from a situation without all of their belongings?
A: “You forgot your thingy.”
– Eddie (James Wills) – Empire Records

Oh my goodness!  Wasn’t that fun!?

Well, I thought it was, but that’s what they pay me for around here.  So, which was your favorite?  Mine was the It’s All Gone Pete Tong one…

Oh, and you probably shouldn’t use any of this in the real world.  I mean, I have, but I’m the jester so I can get away with it.


Another week, and another Q and A with a theme here at the kingdom.  Did you pick up the underlying trend from these?  It’s all about the music.  Well, sort of.  For the most part.  Either music plays a prominent role in these movies, or the music from the movies is memorable.  Oh, and lest we forget, here there be monsters.  Don’t try these at home kids.  Though these do seem to be relatively harmless compared to other weeks.  Still, it is always a good idea to proceed with caution.

The Matticus Kingdom # 200

It isn't a party without balloons.Please welcome to my kingdom: Enchanted Seashells, a tugboat captain’s wife.  She specializes in stories, and making feasts, and finding great videos, and sharing pictures, and… hmmm, can you specialize in everything?  I think perhaps she does.

Plus, she has a great earworm to share with you:

“It’s a small world”


That annoying tune that’s going to be stuck in your head for the next twenty-four hours (you’re welcome) speaks the truth.

It really is a small world; I’m shaking my head in wonder and amazement.

Somehow, I’m not sure if it was thematticuskingdom who found me first, or whether I discovered his blog first—but however it happened, it happened.

All shapes and sizes and colors inhabit this wild and wonderful blogosphere and sometimes life paths cross or parallel or crisscross or become two ships that pass in the night, or…I’m out of analogies, people.

But here’s a major coinky-dinky;  happenchance.  djmatticus and my son both went to the same university (UCSD), same college (Revelle), and graduated the same year!  His family and my family attended the graduation ceremonies in 2003, most probably sitting near each other.  He wore the obligatory Hawaiian lei; my son wore the obligatory Hawaiian lei.  Do I feel OLD, or what?

Why are we here?
I wrote my 200th post on February 10. It was dedicated to my daughter-in-law because she encouraged me to start a blog. thematticuskingdom sent his congrats which led to a convo about his upcoming 200th.  I thought it was an event deserving of a celebration and a virtual party and here it is!

This is it!

Congratulations from Enchanted Seashells, who’s apparently old enough to be your mother.Happy 200


How crazy is that, right?  It is a small world…. after all.

I’ve been meaning to post something like this for awhile, and decided that in honor of my two-hundreth post I would finally do it.

I wanted to just post the music, but apparently that’s more difficult than it would seem.  So, then I thought I’d upload the music to YouTube, and that also turned out nearly impossible.  So, I threw some pictures together with the tracks and created a video for the very first time.

(*pats self on back* Look at me go!)

I present for your enjoyment: Neuro.  This set is a little dated, but I still love all the songs.  And don’t judge the pictures – the most recent one is from 2006 (how has it been 7 years?!)  This is one of the demos I put together that got me a few gigs when I first started spinning.


Here are the tracks:
Watergate – Heart of Asia (DJ Quicksilver’s Q Mix Edit)
Mark Van Dale with Enrico – Water Wave (DJ Quicksilver Extended Mix)
DJ Quicksilver – Timerider (Extended Mix)
Scooter – Ramp (The Logical Songs) (Club Mix)
DJ Energy – Serenity (Club Mix)
TM – Fade To Grey (Steve L Remix)
DJ Tatana meets DJ Energy – Feel (Energy Anthem) (DJ Energy Retake)
Scooter – Jigga Jigga (Clubmix)
Sunbeam – High Adventure
DJ Energy – Step Into The Arena (Extended Version)
Watergate – Mull Of The Kintyre (DJ Quicksilver Remix)
Nu Romantix and DJ John Bora – Mad World (Pulsedriver Remix)
Sunbeam – Solar Surfing

This is what happens when you Google "confetti explosion."I completely understand if you don’t make it through the whole hour+ long set.  But, there are some good pictures in there, so… maybe just scroll through it?  It’s up to you.  I won’t judge.  But, you should definitely check out these great posts from our favorite tugboat captain’s wife:

I really need Photoshop because playing with Paint is just a pain in the you know what.

# 195

Warning… warning…. warning….

This is a teaser post letting you know that post #200 is only five posts away.  It will involve music, YouTube, and some enchanted seashells.  Were this a real post it would include something funny, something clever, and maybe a cat picture.  Alas, it is not a real post so you get none of those things.  Sorry for cheating you out of 30 seconds of your day.

Hopefully we here at the Matticus Kingdom have piqued your interest a bit though.  And we hope to see you back here in five posts for our 200th post extravaganza!

You may now return to your regularly scheduled reading.

What’s in a blog name?

The Matticus Kingdom

You asked why I chose this title for my blog and what it means to me and, being the benevolent ruler of the kingdom that I am, I shall entertain these questions from my royal subjects without complaint, and even deign to respond.

As some of you know, before I became ruler of the Matticus Kingdom I was just a lowly DJ – a jester of sorts, if you will – plying my trade here and there, but mostly in my own house, trying to make a name for myself.  My DJ name, my persona when I transformed into that character, was Matticus.

That name is a combination of two other names.  The first of which is my real first name: Matthew.  The second part comes from none other than Sparticus.  Matt(hew)(Spart)icus.  Now before you go accusing me of coming up with such a pompous moniker for myself, I assure you had no part in picking this name.  It was bestowed upon me by some friends in college due to my heroish ways: always coming to the rescue of people when they needed help. 

If I was in college now maybe my nickname would have been something like Mattda or HeHohew.  Matt(hew)(Hon)da.  He(lpful)Ho(nda)(Matt)hew.  So I can be very thankful those commercials came out later.  Really dodged a bullet there, didn’t I?

After spinning for a few years and really deciding what type of music I liked to play, I sat down one day and recorded a three hour long set that encompassed all of the genres that I loved.  It represented who I was as a DJ completely.  I titled it: The Matticus Kingdom.

When I started this blog, and knew that it would encompass all of the things I love about writing, there was really only one name that I considered.