here there be monsters

This may just be me, but have any of you noticed that when you take a dose of NyQuil or any of the generic brand copies of the wonderful nighttime cold remedy liquid deliciousness that your dreams that evening are, shall we say, odd?

I’m all for its magical and miraculous ability to send me sprawling into the nether reaches of sleep.  I truly appreciate that aspect of the medication.  But, I think perhaps they should put a new warning label on it the bottle to let consumers know about the possibly dream side effects.

There are already so many warning and drug facts on the bottle, what’s one more?

In my own experience my dreams tend to veer towards the nightmare range so here is my proposal for the new warning to be included:

It wouldn't discourage me from purcashing.
It wouldn’t discourage me from purchasing.

Oh, and if you were wondering, it is gluten free.  That’s good to know.

You can't be too careful about these things.
You can’t be too careful about these things.