All In The Family

Wiley nominated me for the Family Blogging Award!

“We are family… Get up everybody and sing…”  Come on!  Join in.  You know the words!

1. Display the award logo on your blog
2. Link back to the person who nominated you
3. Nominate 10 others you see as having an impact on your WordPress experience and family
4. Let your 10 Family members know you have awarded them
5. That is it. Just please pick 10 people who have taken you as  a friend, and spread the love

I love this award… but, I don’t know how to pick just 10 of my fellow bloggers.  Every single person I follow has influenced me in some way, has had on impact on my WordPress experience, has made me laugh, or cry, or overwhelmed me with righteous anger, or made me think, or… well, pretty much the whole gambit of emotions when you get right down to it.  So of the plethora of bloggers out there, that are part of my blogosphere family, how do I pick just 10?

Then again, since I follow over 500 blogs (I looked it up!!  No wonder I’m feeling so way far behind right now in reading all of the wonderful things you post.) I can’t very well nominate all of you.  Well… I guess I could, but, I don’t have time to do all those pingbacks.  If you are going to be part of my family you should know right off the bat that I’m lazy like that.  😛

So… more than 10, less than 500…

I nominate these wonderful people who have been the most influential in my life recently:

1. Jon – the official kingdom mage (in the wise man sense of the word)
2. Jen – the official kingdom poet (here a rhyme, there a rhyme, everywhere a rhyme, rhyme)
3. MerBear – the official kingdom jester trainer (I may have a kingdom, but I too had to be trained)
4. Steph – the ruler of the official matticus sister kingdom (Steph, as you all know, is amazing)
5. Tony – the official kingdom scribe (he has a way with words)
6. (Aunt) Princess Rosebud – the official kingdom aunt (as we have covered once or twice before)
7. The Imaginator – the official kingdom creative (in a Mad Men sort of way)
8. The Scribbler – the official kingdom question asker (she has some good ones)
9. Mr. Atheist – the official kingdom master of ceremonies (it’s all in how he says things)
10. Matrone Bell – the official kingdom mystic (purveyor of cryptic messages to make us ponder the past, present, and future)
11. Rara – the official kingdom dinosaur (every kingdom needs one)
12. Jenn – the official kingdom artist (her work has a prominent spot on the kingdom home page)
13. The Foodie Farmer – the official kingdom dietician (and possibly real estate advisor)
14. Revis Edgewater – the official matticus brother kingdom (he writes fiction that cover a variety of story lines after my own heart)
15. Gordon Flanders – the official kingdom herald (he writes what he thinks, and that’s something we like around here)
16. JC – the official kingdom color coordinator (she came up with the official kingdom colors after all)

Thank you all for being part of the kingdom family!!

If I had the talent I’d have created badges to go along with each of your titles.  Alas, I do not.  But… if one of you does have the talent, and the time, and the desire to volunteer to do just that, you’d have my eternal gratitude.

Okay, you called my bluff.  All of you already have my eternal gratitude.  Hey, you are family.  That’s just the way it is.

Guest Post: Jenn tells a story of stories to come

Jenn wanted to play along, when for guest bloggers I did ask.
A doodle we did crave from her, so we sent her forth with that task.
Exceeding expectations, that’s what she does, far and above.
So, after you view and read the below, go and show her some love.

TMK doodle

Twas some 200 plus posts ago
That the jester came to vanquish thee
Invaded the blogosphere, a style of his own
Flamboyant in words strung together with wit
And humour and the ace of pun up his sleeve

Alas poor jester his life forever to change
That bun in the oven is almost done
Sleepless nights and fun filled days
Laughter and joy and bemusement abound
Tears of joy, tears of frustration (perhaps)

For the prince or princess of his kingdom
Will soon make their entrance
Introductions to movies and music
‘The Princess Bride’ no doubt to be watched
Again and again and again … and some more

But what of Disney and cartoons galore
Of mind-numbing jingles and nursery rhymes
Of kids TV and brightly coloured toys
Of restless nights walking the babe
Life will never again be the same … ever

The jester to be father in his kingdom
Stories to be told over and over
One hopes his memory is good
As requests to repeat last nights story please

No dad you got it wrong ..
Hey dad you missed a page …
Please dad another chapter ..
I am not tired yet, really i’m .. not ……

So tell me dad of the jester please
Of his kingdom and those who visit it there
One more time … or maybe twice…
Or perhaps just endlessly

And perhaps you might tell me a story new?


Are you geeking out yet?  You should be.  I am!  When you think you have settled down enough to enjoy more of her awesomeness without blowing a gasket, check these other treasures over at her Serenity Space: