smack smacks

I woke this morning just before 6AM to a sound I was somewhat familiar with but not used to hearing as my alarm: smack, smack, slurp, smack, smack, smack, pop, gurgle, smack, smack.

Softer than either of my two normal alarms it gently rocked me awake rather than startling me out of my slumber.

Smack, smack, gurgle, smack, smack.

Out of context it took me a few seconds to realize what I was hearing.  I’d heard that sound before, sure, but not that often yet, and never so early in the day.  Usually it was an afternoon or evening sound.  As I shook off the cobwebs of my three-hour nap (“Wow, it’s been three hours, that’s great” – with no sarcasm at all), I smiled as understanding reached me.

The smack smacks continued.  With an occassional coo as well.

Smack, smack, pop, smack, pop, coo, gurgle, giggle, coo, smack, smack.

Rather than waking to an actual alarm telling me I need to get up for work, or a screaming alarm telling me that a change and some food are needed, the little prince decided he’d find his fingers this morning and suck on them for a bit… before letting us know that he still needed a change and his breakfast.

It.  Was.  Adorable.

Smack, pop, snap, smack, slurp, coo, smack, smack.

So, I laid there for a few minutes and let him entertain himself with his fingers, enjoying this peaceful transition into wakefulness, and then when the smack smacks stopped I threw back the covers and rolled out of bed to rescue him from his diaper before handing him off to the queen.

It’s going to be another great day.

a cry unleashed

A faint cry rolled through the room, like thunder through a valley,
To take a quick glance towards the clock, my strength I needed to rally.
Once confirmed, my deepest fears were true, I steeled myself for the cold,
Only an hour and a half had passed since last his voice had been so bold,
Sweet little prince, hungry again and needing a change,
His cries over several octaves did range,
Threw back the covers from their place,
And over to his side I did race,
Where I pulled him into my arms lovingly,
And sang to him words so soothingly.
My son, my son, whatever is the matter,
You don’t need to shout with such a forceful clatter,
We’re right here, next to where you sleep,
And never do we dream so deep,
That’d we missed coming to your aid,
That is a truth of the finest grade.
Calm your voice, and your heart,
Take a breath, we shall never part.
Yet the screams continue throughout the swap,
The only way I can help, I’m just the pop,
Then freshly dressed I hand you over to the queen,
And your eyes get the widest I’ve ever seen,
Your cries cut short, you are happy once more,
Food, you needed, and there is plenty in store.
Then back to sleep, rest your tiny little head,
The queen and I return to our own bed,
And wait to hear you return to your slumber,
Sometimes you snore like saws at the lumber,
But we know that even when you do finally nod off,
The next wake-up call is never too far off.
That’s okay, we wouldn’t change a thing.

Until then, sleep, my sweet little prince…