American Pie

A couple months ago I submitted two different short stories to the Los Angeles Public Library Summer Writing Contest.

I’m very pleased to announce that one of those stories, an allusion packed piece about life and music, was one of the winners of the contest. You can read my story here:

I’ll post the second story in a couple days. In a lot of ways, I actually liked it more.

So, my faithful kingdomites, give American Pie a read and let me know what you think. Does it resonate with you? How many song references can you spot? How was your summer in these crazy times?

a signed book up for grabs


Hear ye, hear ye…

(Or, is it here ye, here ye?  I can never remember.  Really, as Jester of the Kingdom I should know these things… but, it’s not like they hand out a owner’s manual when you find yourself running a kingdom.  I’m having to make all this up as I go along.)


The time has come, once again, for a contest… an official Matticus Kingdom contest… the kind where you all compete in some sort of game and the winner gets a book… a signed book…  a signed book delivered to their mailbox or front door, and all I ask in return is you leave a fair and accurate review of the book on Amazon once you’ve read it.  That seems straightforward, right?  And well worth it when you get the fun of playing the game, the book delivered for free, and the emotional rollercoaster of reading the stories within…  Right?  Right!


Here we go.

The book in question is none other than The Seven Sceptres… the recently published fantasy anthology that includes stories from myself, Revis, Arden and Ethan, good authors all.

The prize in question is none other than a signed (by myself) copy of The Seven Sceptres delivered free of charge to the winner of the game.

The game in question:  Link Party!!  Share this post across any and all platforms, linking to it as you can or leaving a comment here on where it was shared so I can go and find it, and whoever shares it the most times over the next three days is the winner!  (I will friend or like or follow or whatever anyone who plays along on any of the platforms I already use as another thank you for playing and sharing.)

Then get the book.  Read the book.  Review the book!

Simple, yes?  Fun, yes?  What are you waiting for!!

This is likely the first of a couple of these types of games.  I have several books that I’m hoping to exchange for reviews.  So, don’t fret if you play along and don’t win this one.  Play along now and then play along again.

 Thank you, as always, for the support!

Versus: Season 2 Episode 1

Revis and I have a contest that needs your help in deciding the victor. So head on over to 33 Grams of Blog, give the arguments a read, and cast your vote.

33 Grams of Blog

Anyone who had read my blog for a while knows I used to do a series of post entitled Versus were I would pit two fictional or mythological characters in some type of competition and then I would tell you who I think would win. This time around, I thought I’d try something a little different. This time, you will hear a matchup and be given an argument for each. One of them is written by me. The other is written someone else. A poll will be left at the bottom of the post and we will let you, the reader decide who the winner is.

This week’s matchup is Duncan McLeod (Highlander) vs. Achilles (Greek myth).

Arguing for Duncan is Matt from The Matticus Kingdom:

Duncan McLeod, the Highlander, was the greatest swordsman ever. 

There is no room for discussion.  There is no potential rival.  He was the…

View original post 623 more words

and the winner is

I asked for haikus
And you obliged, very nice.
For the win (drum roll):


The Erratic Sun - Cover

The Queen and Little Prince had much deliberation determining the best haiku, but in the end the Little Prince’s arguments that bunnies are awesome could not be topped.  So, there you go.  I’ll be in touch to get shipping and inscription information, so sit tight for that.

If you are sad you missed out on winning a signed copy, supporting your favorite author by purchasing one is the next best option, right?  Right?!  Hmm, well, maybe not, but it would be very cool of you, and if I ever saw you in person then I would happily sign it…  So, there’s always that option.  Here’s the handy dandy link for you: BUY ME!

Thank you to everyone who played along in the contests and has supported me on this amazing journey.  You are all wonderful.

The Erratic Sun – Contest the Third

I guess I should explain that my naming convention is just for The Kingdom, because Revis has his own contest running too.  But, hey, that just means even more opportunities to win a copy of this fantastic science fiction adventure!!

Anyway, the winner of my second giveaway contest is…


Of the five people who submitted guesses (really?  that’s it?  why didn’t the rest of you who liked the post venture a guess?) her guess of 387 was the closest to the real word count on page 42 of 379.  And she guessed first too!  Almost nailed it right out of the gate.  That’s some crazy awesomesauce right there.

Hmm…  That’s now two for two of signed books getting shipped all the way from California across the pond, as they say.  It’s a trend.  My international readers should be paying attention.  Maybe they’ll be next.  Maybe this is their chance:

The Erratic Sun - Cover

For your next chance to win a signed copy of The Erratic Sun all you have to do is write a haiku in the comments section below that deals with either the mountains, the beach, why you think you deserve to win, 6 foot tall invisible rabbits named Harvey, the greatest gunslinger of all time, or… well, pretty much anything I guess.  The Queen and the Little Prince have volunteered to pick the best of the bunch and select the winner.

And, yes, I just consulted the rule book and there’s nothing against submitting multiple entries.  So… what are you waiting for?

Let me see those haiku’s!!