The Return of the Official Matticus Kingdom Tug-of-War

Disclaimer – this is going to be a week of nonsense here in the kingdom.  It seemed like the blogosphere could used some silliness, and since that is what we are all about here, that is what we are going to provide.  Everything this week will be designed to uplift, make you laugh, etc…  If you aren’t okay with that, too bad, that’s what you are going to get anyway.  Now, on with the show…


The rules (because all games must have rules, except Calvinball, of course):
1) Read the prompt.  (I know what you are thinking, “Reading, bleh, who wants to do that.  But if you don’t read the prompt then you won’t be able to fully play along.”
2) Choose a side.  (You have to pick a side in tug-of-war, that’s kind of important.)
3) Write a post that supports your decision. (We don’t need an essay, and we don’t give bonus points for brevity either.  However, we will be your friend if you do something creative.)  (Kim also says you can just leave your answer as a comment and since she is awesome we are going to allow that.)
4) Link back to this post so the moderator can count your support correctly. (Unless you leave your answer in the comments, then you don’t need to link back, because, well that might create an infinite loop that could explode the internet.)
5) There is no fifth rule – just seemed like there needed to be another one – oh, wait, I know:  The fifth rule of Matticus Kingdom Tug-of-War is “You do talk about it.”  To anyone and everyone.  That’d be great.

The winning side will be the one that gets the most support, and their reward will be the knowledge that they chose wisely and eternal fame across the kingdom.

Doesn’t this sound like fun?

Many thanks to Kim and Rara for helping come up with and formulate this idea.  They are amazing.  Go forth and check out their pages.  That’s not an order, per se, but it is an official edict.  (Yes, there is a difference.)


For the return of the world famous* game, we have chosen the prompt:  Which universe of superheroes (and villains) is superior: Marvel or DC?

*”World famous” may or may not be an accurate description.  We aren’t going to discount it as a possibility though.

The Matticus Kingdom is throwing our support behind Marvel.  Mostly that is because we are partial to The Punisher and Spiderman.  But, we can’t discount the overall popularity of the Marvel movies: X-Men, Spiderman, Iron-Man, Thor, Captain America, The Avengers, etc…  They have dominated the box office and those billions of dollars cannot be ignored.  Plus, if we didn’t pick Marvel, we are pretty sure that The Punisher would hunt us down and we really want to avoid that.

You want to play, right?

  • Choose a side
  • Make a post and link it back to this one
  • Or leave a convincing argument in the comments

(Rara, in her infinite wisdom has decreed there should be an offical timeframe related to when the winner will be announced…. yeah, she’s a smarty like that.)

The ruling powers here in the Kingdom have decided that participants have until Friday (1/24/2014) one week (five-ish days) to throw their support behind one of the two answers.

Our official counter (yeah, we have a guy for that) will add them up and then one of our minions will post the results at some point next weekend, or the following Monday: bestowing glory upon the winners.

And, we’ll all live in a better world for finally having solved once and for all which is the better comic universe.

Rise a Knight

All comic book nerds in the blogosphere raise a hand.

I’d like to raise my hand but I don’t think the rest of the group would actually accept me.  It’s been a long time since I’ve read a comic book.  It’s been even longer since I bought a new one.  And, I didn’t get around to watching The Dark Knight Rises until yesterday when it came out on DVD. 

So, you see, I don’t think they’d actually associate with me.

*hang my head in shame*

I’m some lesser form of comic book nerd.  A wanna-be perhaps?  Or, just a semi-nerd?


I’m not really into the “reviewing” of things.  That’s not something my blog has tackled in any depth before.  And I’m not going to start now even though I do have a few comments on the ending.

However, I will say that if you haven’t seen the Christopher Nolan Dark Knight movie trilogy, you should probably get on that and stop reading now because there are some spoilers below.



As the movie neared its end I was fairly upset with the direction the story was headed.  Call me old-fashioned if you want, but I don’t like it when movies kill off the main characters (the good guys anyway) even if it some heroic act of self-sacrifice that saves an entire city. 

However, the “fairly upset” turned into outright rage when the movie ended with so many teasers for continued storylines in movies to come.  Those are all movies we will never see though because the trilogy is complete and all the principles are walking away.  I want to know what happens next!

Movies ending on cliff hangers like that is one of my least favorite things ever.

Just slightly above speed bumps.