shameless friend promotion 5

Ethan is a dedicated writer.  He has more patience than anyone else I know in the craft, writing, rewriting, and completely revamping entire epic story arcs to make sure he is delivering the best story he possibly can.  I’ve had the privilege of watching him learn and hone his craft over the years.  Clarity is his first offering in a much larger series.  Check it out and get ready to go on a long journey in the years ahead.

High Priestess Daena Vulatanne has studied and trained for more than a decade with the hopes of leading the Holy Order of the Water Goddess Anahita.When a strange messenger arrives, she must decide whether to remain safe within her isolated community of women or risk her role as future leader and expose them.However, this safety is merely an illusion as one member seeks retribution for the Order’s destruction of her brethren, and the messenger offers the key to this lifelong ambition.For them to survive, Daena will have to sacrifice something dear to her: her ideals, her devotion, or her life.

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