made it

We made it!  30 days and 30 pictures and 30 sometimes rambling, sometimes long, sometimes short, sometimes nonsensical, sometimes fiction but mostly non-fiction, sometimes poetic accompanying words.  What can I say, that’s how I roll here in the Kingdom these days.  Congratulations to all you nano poblanos, you tiny peppers, you cheer peppers, you bloggers extraordinaire for once again seeing it through to the end.  Great job.  You are all amazing.

And now to sign off the way every major event should, and usually often do:

With fireworks!!


so do I


If I am a mountain man then the Little Prince is a beach bum through and through.  He loves the ocean the way I love rolling hills at the base of towering peaks.  He loves digging in the fine soft sand the way I love cresting razor sharp passes.  He loves splashing in waves, the salt spray cascading all around him, the way I love the sun kissing my skin in the thin air of high elevation.

He loves the beach and, therefore, so do I.

i am not


I have stepped to the edge and looked down.  I have felt the air pushing me both directions as I stood in the vortex of buffeting currents.  I have closed my eyes and the beauty of the day was still so firmly emblazoned on my mind that I gasped with joy.  I have.

I will climb more mountains and marvel at the rolling peak lines stretching away from the folds in the earth.  I will raise my arms at my sides to feel the pressure wrought winds crashing up and down the majestic valleys.  I will keep my eyes wide to catalogue every detail I can for the moments when I am far away and longing to return.  I will.

I am aware of how many camping and backpacking photographs I have posted this month.  I am sure that many of you have grown tired of them and hoped my choices would be a bit more diverse.  I am being truthful when I say it was not my intention to have the majority of this month’s blogs be pictures from my beloved mountain adventures.  But, sorry I am not.



Where are you going in such a hurry?

What was that?  What did you say?

You’re yelling so loud I can’t understand you…

Yet, I do understand you.  I do.  I do.

Oh, you beautiful river.  You speed by, shouting your truths of the world, to remind us to slow down and actually enjoy the world, for there is beauty in even the most tumultuous waters.  There is peace beneath the rolling thunder.  And, as always, there is adventure everywhere.